What happened to Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio?

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    Hi fellow ICU RNs! :spin:....I'm a fairly new nurse (2 years) trying to study for the CCRN. I have the AACN book (dry, dry, dry,...), but I keep hearing about these famous DVDs from Ms Gasparis. They are nowhere to be seen on any website, and I've done an extensive search, even using rare book sellers who were kind enough to search for audio and video material from this person. I've found NOTHING, but I DO see lots and lots of raves about her work in this forum, and it's making me cukoo!:lol_hitti Would ANY of you good people out there know how to get a set of her DVDs? I find it hard to believe she's become wealthy and no longer needs to sell her material. Thanks!

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    Here is a link to her site where you may purchase the material:


    And, you might want to post on this thread in the CCU forum: http://allnurses.com/ccu-nursing-for...ng-232666.html

    Good luck with the CCRN!!!!
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    Thank you to you both! flowersfo
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    You are quite welcome.

    Again, GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Awwww, you are quite welcome. I echo sirI in wishing you the best.
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    The CEN review sample video of Laura's available at Great Nurses seems quite dated. Would those of you who have it and have taken the CEN recently say that the information is all still valid and current?

    The CCRN video looks more recent. The material in the CCRN review should have quite a bit of overlap with the CEN, no?
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    Just punc in Gesparis and it takes you to her site: Greatnurses or somesuch name. I just re-ordered herCCRN DVDs for my college (worried about getting my own stolen) She is an awesome nurse educator (very knowledable and addresses all learning styles) Also, she is hilarious. I have never run across a better educator.
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    Laura is taking time off this year to be with her kids. But yes, I have heard several people comment on the fact her material is dated. I think it is in your best interests to review more up-to-date material.
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    I like it when she says "He's gonna DIE!" heh.

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