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Hi folks! I'm a pre nursing student and don't pretend to know much of anything about nursing yet so I had a question I wanted to run by you all. About a year ago my mother was hospitalized for a spontaneous pneumothorax. She... Read More

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    It was wrong of her to say that because just because a patient is vomiting bile doesn't mean they are having gall bladder issues.

    However, most of us are educated and experienced individuals trained in assessment and for watching for the "what could happen next?" "what does this mean?" "why is this happening?".....and sometimes we can share this information with patients. We don't make medical diagnoses or prescribe treatment, but we are educated professionals.

    I hate when nurses don't reassure patients, don't communicate, or give bad information or say "because the doctor ordered it". If it were me, I would have said something like "from my experience, some pain medications cause nausea and vomiting...I will notify the MD and administer what she/he orders, but for now just take it easy and take ice chips, or what liquids you can tolerate without forcing down food". My answer might have been different if they had abdominal surgery and they were extremely distended and without bowel sounds........or if she was vomiting with right upper quadrant pain..etc.

    This nurse just was dumb.....shameful, but there are some out there.

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    Very sorry to read that the nurse misspoke, but also conveyed incorrect information. As a number of members have stated, presence of bile is not unusual when there is no food present and the (likely) narcotic medications can cause abnormal persistalsis. Sad that a "professional" would choose scare tactics over facts and supportive care.
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    Sadly. the RN was wrong and her attitude was atrocious. Fatigue, burnout, stress,all sorts of other garbage can cause statements like this to give nursing a bad name. She was wrong, but forgive her, because you may find that something like this pops out of your mouth someday in the future.
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    Quote from CVmursenary
    yes; every nurse is a jackass, very normal.
    I'm sorry but I take offence to this. I don't think EVERY nurse is a jackass. I definitely don't think I am a jackass. Some nurses are rude, that doesn't mean we all are!
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    Quote from Scooby's mom
    Sorry this happen to you guys. I'm just a pre-nursing student, but I don't think the nurse has the authority to say this, unless the doctor mentioned it to you guys. I may be wrong, but it's sad to see nurses with this type of attitude-thank God not all of them are like this. Was this in NY?
    Not that I agree with how the nurse made the statement, but nurses do have the authority to make comments like this one. We have enough knowledge to know what could be the cause of some symptoms, and we can use the information to inform the patients of what may happen if the symptoms don't change. Again, although we have and can use this knowledge, I don't agree with the way this nurse went about it, using it as a scare tactic rather than in an informative manner.
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    sorry you had to deal with someone who was not just tactless, but unprofessional and rude. next time, do the right thing and report her to her supervisors. go up the chain of command until you get an appropriate response. it is your mother's right as a patient to be treated with dignity, respect, and consideration, which this nurse did not seem to exhibit.
    as to the nurse's lack of tact, common sense, and professionalism: these are not faults relegated to only the nursing field. it is part of the human condition and rampant in our society. we have many people in all professions, from wal-mart employees to lawyers, judges, doctors, who believe it is their right to be rude and obnoxious and opinionated without regard for others' feelings. so, as much as i would love to say that we as nurses hold the market on something, we are not alone in being dastardly toward others less able to protect themselves.
    [color=#b22222]the world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. -albert einstein
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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the feedback. My gut feeling seems to have been right (and I did mention bringing this concern to the doctor but my mother objected and I didn't want to create any more problems then what she was already having). I'll keep this experience in mind so when I earn my degree and start helping people I won't make the same mistake.

    Anyway, you guys are great. I love this forum. Thanks again!
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    I am an RN in the ER, I always ask if the provider has given them results before I open my mouth about anything. I then will reiterate and teach. I think speculation is inappropriate. I have given personal accounts when the situation has warrented, but using scare tactics are just wrong and counter productive in my opinion. I would have asked to speak to the charge nurse and told her you wanted another nurse for the duration of the hospital stay.
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