semi private vs. private rooms in icu

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    I was curious as to how some of the other ICU'S are set up.
    We used to be a 9 bed ICU with all private rooms, We are
    now a 10 bed ICU . 4 private rooms and 3 semi-privates.
    This is a brand new building , brand new ICU. I just feel this
    was really poor planning. I can forsee many problems with
    this, not that it will change , but what do you all think of this?

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    I've never seen an ICU with "semi" private rooms???

    What the heck they do that for??
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    I think they have all gone stupid . Why spend millions of dollars
    on a new facility and then do something like this.
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    I guess next they will packing em in there like sardines. Has anyone else noticed that the rooms in hospitals are getting smaller??? I could have sworn that rooms used to be bigger than they are now!
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    I fell I must vent on this subject. I am feeling very anti-establishment this week. Our hospital has fallen into the
    service mode, as I have seen from this board many others
    have also. We have started the scripting, Hey I'm not in preschool
    I do not need to be told what to say to people. I've heard
    the scripts purchased from a marketing firm, I've seen the
    surveys also purchased from same marketing firm, We say
    certain statements to patients repeatedly , supposed to be
    everytime we enter room, "is there anything else i can do for you,
    i have time now" , "i am closing this door because i am concerned
    about your privacy" "I am concerned about your pain control do
    you need anything for pain?", Then the survey asks , "did you
    feel staff had time for you, concerns for your privacy, concerned
    about your pain?" Well the whole idea is to be in a certain
    percentile on the survey results, so after we have spent the
    entire hospital stay brainwashing our patients we are supposed
    to get better survey results. I really love the 10 foot 5 foot rule
    when meeting someone in hall at ten feet make eye contact and
    smile at 5 foot greet this person. PERSONALLY, if I am a patient
    just take care of me , be nice, treat me as an individual, don't
    talk to me like I'm stupid, and please be more concerned with
    making sure I live than all that other crap. All that crap won't
    matter much to me if my nurse is busy taking someone to
    their destination they were unable to follow the signs and find,
    or taking another stupid phone message for the 15th time for
    the same irritating family , no it wont matter much to me if I
    I'm not well cared for.
    sorry about the b***** ing and moaning and I realize I digress
    from the thread but I just had to say it
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    Hey vent on...because I totally agree!
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    In ICU the pt. needs to be in a privte room no questions asked as well as every pt. in the entire hospital. Does adminastation even think of pt. privacy and confidentiately and respect??? I think they forget where they work sometimes, it's the nurses who have to make sure that the pt. is protected and has privacy while they are in our care and in the hospital!!!

    David LPN -VA
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    Our ICU's have "bays", open (curtains can be drawn) to all. Desk area in middle of room, bays lined up on either side. There are i think two or three closed rooms reserved for burns or isolation patients that need ICU.

    Old hospital, (100 year old building) that has basically been restructured a bit to fit the modern health care needs, but really doesn't even come close....
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    Every patient in every hospital everywhere, should have the privilage of a private room. Period.

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    I have worked with both private and semiprivate setups, it seems the community hospitals have the semi's and the larger in town hospitals have the private. Private is the best for both the patients and the nurses in my opinion.

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