NICU to adult ICU

  1. I am currently a NICU nurse who is looking to move to adult ICU. I recently interviewed for a position and did not get it. It seemed that they thought it was unusual that I'm wanting to move from neonatal. I understand that but I explained to them that I am wanting to expand my knowledge Nd there is a lot that we just don't see where I am.

    They then asked me if I had ever worked with adults and I was honest about my experience which is limited. I had a lot of experience working with adults as a tech for 3 years and also did a preceptorship in an adult ICU in school.

    I feel like my NICU experience may have held me back from getting this job.

    Is this possible? What are your opinions?

    I would love some insight from anyone but I would really appreciate it if you also interview applicants.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   Bananachiki17
    I worked in NICU for 14 months before coming to my MICU/SICU and at my interview the manager and nurse educator expressed similar sentiments but obviously I got the job so they couldn't have been too concerned. However I did have previous adult nursing experience (as an LPN). My advice to you would be to take some courses to beef up your resume, ACLS, TNCC, ENCP, etc.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Many moons ago, I transitioned from NICU to ICU/CCU. I presented myself as someone who had critical care skills and awareness, just need an intro to the patient population. I've since gone to PICU - so (in baseball terms) I guess I've hit for the cycle!
  5. by   TamTamRN-RRT
    Feel the same way. Will like to transition from picu to adult
  6. by   anapap
    I did NICU for a year before getting and adult ICU job. I stressed that I worked with the most vulnerable patients whose every body system was impaired, from their brains down to their GI system and everything in-between and where we measure accuracy to the milligram and kilogram. I actually brought up the concern before the interviewer did. However, if you got the interview, I wouldn't think it'd be a huge problem. I feel once you get the interview, it is more of a personality thing. I've gotten the job for every interview I've been on, even when I was late to an ER interview at a level one trauma ER. The big key is to totally be yourself and not be nervous. Somehow, I'm never nervous during my interviews. I only have a year of experience so honestly, they can't be hiring me for any reason other than that I'm myself during the interviews. That's the key.
  7. by   fifiroo
    I'd be interested to hear the experiences of those who did go from NICU to ICU! I will be making the transition soon and am super excited!

    I actually just did two interviews for ICU for two campuses of the same organization (which is my current org). Got a very very good vibe from unit #1- smaller and probably fewer very 'sick' pts but the director herself used to support NICU so I think that helped her envision me on the unit. I think it will be a good transition for me to go to a smaller, slightly less acute mixed MICU/SICU. The second interview was a panel interview with the larger campus who seemed much more scrutinizing of my experience and who (at least as of now) haven't offered me the job. I think just like another poster said, emphasize your experience with the critical little guys. Probably helps to cast a wide net as well and apply many places ;-) good luck!