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    I am currently a NICU nurse who is looking to move to adult ICU. I recently interviewed for a position and did not get it. It seemed that they thought it was unusual that I'm wanting to move from neonatal. I understand that but I explained to them that I am wanting to expand my knowledge Nd there is a lot that we just don't see where I am.

    They then asked me if I had ever worked with adults and I was honest about my experience which is limited. I had a lot of experience working with adults as a tech for 3 years and also did a preceptorship in an adult ICU in school.

    I feel like my NICU experience may have held me back from getting this job.

    Is this possible? What are your opinions?

    I would love some insight from anyone but I would really appreciate it if you also interview applicants.

    Thank you.

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    I worked in NICU for 14 months before coming to my MICU/SICU and at my interview the manager and nurse educator expressed similar sentiments but obviously I got the job so they couldn't have been too concerned. However I did have previous adult nursing experience (as an LPN). My advice to you would be to take some courses to beef up your resume, ACLS, TNCC, ENCP, etc.
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    Many moons ago, I transitioned from NICU to ICU/CCU. I presented myself as someone who had critical care skills and awareness, just need an intro to the patient population. I've since gone to PICU - so (in baseball terms) I guess I've hit for the cycle!
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    Feel the same way. Will like to transition from picu to adult
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    I did NICU for a year before getting and adult ICU job. I stressed that I worked with the most vulnerable patients whose every body system was impaired, from their brains down to their GI system and everything in-between and where we measure accuracy to the milligram and kilogram. I actually brought up the concern before the interviewer did. However, if you got the interview, I wouldn't think it'd be a huge problem. I feel once you get the interview, it is more of a personality thing. I've gotten the job for every interview I've been on, even when I was late to an ER interview at a level one trauma ER. The big key is to totally be yourself and not be nervous. Somehow, I'm never nervous during my interviews. I only have a year of experience so honestly, they can't be hiring me for any reason other than that I'm myself during the interviews. That's the key.
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    I'd be interested to hear the experiences of those who did go from NICU to ICU! I will be making the transition soon and am super excited!

    I actually just did two interviews for ICU for two campuses of the same organization (which is my current org). Got a very very good vibe from unit #1- smaller and probably fewer very 'sick' pts but the director herself used to support NICU so I think that helped her envision me on the unit. I think it will be a good transition for me to go to a smaller, slightly less acute mixed MICU/SICU. The second interview was a panel interview with the larger campus who seemed much more scrutinizing of my experience and who (at least as of now) haven't offered me the job. I think just like another poster said, emphasize your experience with the critical little guys. Probably helps to cast a wide net as well and apply many places ;-) good luck!

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