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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to ICU nursing. I'm now in a training program. It will last about eleven weeks. Then after I will have four weeks of orientation of the unit. After that I will have a preceptorship on my unit. It is a medical surgical ICU, it also deals with transplantations.

    I was wondering if anyone can share with me what it is like working in the ICU now that I have started.


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    Are there any good websites for ICU nurses?
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    Thanks nurse-lou.
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    Hey, LittleOne2, I'm new to ICU too. I've been orienting for 3 weeks with a preceptor and have learned so much already. I'm on a small CCU/ICU- only 10 beds. I've been a nurse for 9 years, but have always done med/surg/peds. If you want, e-mail me and we'll muddle through this together!
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    Hi froglegs, thanks for responding to my message. I just completed my first two weeks of the critical care program. Next week I will spend a couple of days on my unit for orientation. I have learned sooo much. I call it information overload. I may email you sometime.
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    Consider joining AACN and your local chapter. You'll get publications to keep you up on the latest in ICU. Local cahpters usually have meetings and educational programs where you can learn more and meet other critical care nurses in your area.

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