Medical and Surgical ICU at Grady Health System

  1. I posted a topic over in the Georgia forum regarding nurse recruiter contact information for surgical or medical ICU, but I did not receive a response. I figured that I would try the critical care forum to see if I could gather some information. I graduated from nursing school on May 11th and I am highly interested in working in the surgical ICU or medical ICU at Grady in Atlanta, GA. Does anyone here currently work in these areas? Would anyone be willing to talk about the environment on these units? Any information about new grad hiring would be very helpful. Thank you in advance. :spin:
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  3. by   iluvhrts
    Do you know anything about Grady? Grady is frequently on the edge of bankruptcy. It is the only Level One Trauma unit in the ATL area. The pay is less than average. They rarely hire new grads anymore. There are multiple Atlanta area nursing schools they would pull from. However, if you can tolerate the poor working conditions, the long hours, crappy pay and benefits... the experience is like no other.
  4. by   GaMommy81
    I have had two clinical rotations at Grady and I know a few people who have worked on different floors at Grady. I do know about their financial troubles that have been looming for a very long time. They are not the only Level I trauma hospital in Atlanta. Atlanta Medical Center is also a Level I trauma facility. Are you a Grady employee or a previous employee? Do you currently work in critical care? Do you live in the Atlanta area? Any feedback that can be provided about great ICUs that foster a strong learning and growth environment would be greatly appreciated. New grad friendly too.
  5. by   pupper
    Grady is awesome! I wouldn't worry about Grady's "looming financial trouble"....morehouse and Emory rely on Grady for training and Atlanta really does need Grady. Even if Grady were to close down years fom now, you would have no problem finding a job with your Grady experience. I have interviewed and worked all over the city and actually found Grady very competitive and the base salary was highest at Grady. I get very tired of the old and frankly untrue reputation that grady is so awful and scary. Grady needs amazing and dedicated nurses, so if you are feeling called to go there - go for it!
  6. by   mal09
    I was also interested in working in grady's ICU (I was a new grad with a 400 hour ICU practicum) but didnt get an interview, so I took at critical care job at another atlanta hospital. But, Grady pays much higher than the other hospitals in the area, so I'm not sure where the low pay information came from (the pay is listed on their website)
  7. by   GaMommy81
    I did two clinical rotations at Grady and I enjoyed them. I was not on the Icu units but I would love the opportunity to experience what the environment is like. I would like to start my nursing career in critical care.
  8. by   Inglishlee
    Hey I know that this is an older post but, I was wondering if you ever got through to someone. I am trying to move to Atlanta and work in the SICU/MICU. From what I can see it it very hard to get on. So I just want to see what you decided and if you can give me any tips thanks.