In search of ICU report/flowsheet

  1. Im looking for an ICU report sheet/flowsheet that I can use at work. I would appreciate any input...Im a new grad and Im still in that "write everything down mode", at least until I have the experience to do it without. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   montinurse
    My unit has gone through at least two different report sheets since I've been there a year. I can't seem to get used to the second one, so I use a half sheet of blank paper for the report (easy to fit in my pocket). When I take report, I just list the pertinent information on it, patient label, diagnosis, how long symptoms, lines, IVF, cardiac (pressors) Bottom left I list meds and times due, bottom right pertinent labs. I use small boxes next to my "to do list" for the day.
    You'll find your rhythm. Took me about 6 months and taking ideas from other nurses. Good luck and enjoy critical care
  4. by   detroitdano
    I type out a blank report sheet that I've got dozens of copies of in my locker and I just grab a new one each day. Starting from the top left, I list:

    Med Hx

    Then systems

    Then lines, drips, blood glucose checks

    Going back to the middle of the page at the top I put meds and when they're due.

    Far right of the page at the top I put a to-do list.

    If you write stuff small enough in your meds/to-do list you can use the same sheet for days on end for the same patient.