How do you measure temperatures?

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    The unit that I work in is a mixed ICU. We currently measure temps axillary-- which literature says is inaccurate. We have trialed tempanic thermometers with very iffy results. Some of the other units in the hospital use temporal thermometers, and staff complain of inaccurate results with them as well.

    We are looking to change our practice, and are willing to spend money.

    My vote is to do esophageal temps on the monitor for all intubated patients, and do oral temps on non-intubated patients. What do you think?

    How does your unit measure temperatures?
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    Bladder temps and PA cath temps. Otherwise oral.
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    Bladder or oral. Axillary is a last resort.
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    Should be bladder or oral, Esophagus would be great too....However I happen to love when we use our cooling blankets and have a rectal probe in, and the machine cools the patient down to a set temp.
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    Anyone using the Alsius units? I've never had to use one yet but I know neuro uses them from time to time.
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    Sarah in Adelaide, Australia here
    We started using Alsius units 8 months ago.
    Look like a central femoral line.
    Do a great job.
    Easy to use. Nice little dial to see the fluid running through that you have to check.
    It sure beats the air blankets and coool gel underblankets we used to use.
    But we still don't use them much (We only have 2 I think).
    Mainly for hypothermia to 32 celcius post cardiac arrest for 24 hours.
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    monotherm foley caths. Unless you've got a freak ICU pt that doesn't need a foley (that happens) or someone with a 3way, it's the way to go.
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    back of my hand to pt's forehead.
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    Quote from RN1980
    back of my hand to pt's forehead.
    Hahaha!!! I love it!!!

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    Quote from RN1980
    back of my hand to pt's forehead.
    ...or 0.2 degrees higher or lower from the last temp recorded....that way, you don't have to actually go in the room.

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