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I am doing some research on fecal management systems (FMS). FMS are utilized for your bedridden, immobilized or incontinent patient with liquid or semi-liquid stool. Has anyone used a Flexi-Seal,... Read More

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    I have used rectal bags, nasal trumpets to a foley bag, and Dignicare.
    Rectal bags don't stick well and leak.
    Nasal Trumpets is least expensive. Works well, and doesn't cause necrosis. (You place the "trumpet" part into the rectum and the straight end to the foley bag).
    Dignicares work well. Sometimes they leak, small amounts. It will leak a lot if the balloon is filled with more than 45cc H20. It is a safety feature so that if the balloon is over inflated, then it leaks so does not cause necrosis by the bigger balloon. Make sure you flush and irrigate the dignicare every 12 hours and check the balloon for 45cc H20.
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    My hospital uses flexiseal. Some of the time it leaks but the small leaking is a LOT easier to control than using nothing. Also, I did just learn that it costs $1,900....woah.
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    It cost $1,900 for one flexiseal?
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    Quote from sockov
    It cost $1,900 for one flexiseal?
    No, they cost around $200 each. Depends on how many the facility buys of course, but not $1,900.
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    our hospital now uses diginicares. i dont think they leak ALOT but they do leak with out a doubt and nurses have told me that they let the smell out a lot more than other systems. i think they are all going to leak and smell and get clogged and backed up though.

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