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I have to take the CCRN exam in the next few months. I've been preparing for this off and on for a few years but am still only getting in the 60% range in the AACN core review book. I am now in a... Read More

  1. by   vecoroniumlady
    hi there,

    keep the positive attitude. just like you i also got frustrated the moment i received the result. but i didnt give up, as soon as i got home i called aacn. the question the second time are almost thesame. what i did is just keep on answering the pass ccrn cd everyday. i answer 100 question everyday for 2 weeks... and when u go back there, it will be piece of cake. u can do it.. am positive. keep studyng.. r u planning to go for crna? am starting on january 2011. am excited. ull get ther. be patient and believe that u can do it.
  2. by   vecoroniumlady
    hi shix,
    i just got your private message. for some reason i cannot reply you back. I do understand how you feel, 85 score is almost there. maybe you answer too fast just like i did. so keep on answering that cd. and ask for 3 days off from work and listen to laura gasparis (seriously, dont sleep ).. the second take will be easy...and positive that you will make it.. believe in your goals and dont let other petty reason drag you down... i will be starting the CRNA program soon. am glad that 2 school accepted me and i got into the school of my choice... keep me updated..
  3. by   shix1980
    Thanks for the reply! I have listened to laura gasparis cd and know it inside out. I also took notes so i have all teh content. Pass ccrn cd questions are much harder and hopefully that will give me an edge on teh exam.
    P.S I really wanted to know whether you got similar questions the second time around???? I had a lot of questions about ALI (acute lung injury). Let me know about the similar questions.
    Congratulations on getting into crna school. I have already interviewed at one place that did not require ccrn, now just waiting for the letter in a couple of weeks If you dont mind me asking, what schools were you accepted in? I wish you all the best and thanks again ofr the reply.

  4. by   shix1980
    Thanks for the reply! Its weird that your last reply to me posted before my message to you! I will keep on doing those questions, and i know i can do this, is just that its de-heartening after failing! I know it should be easier the second time around because i will have kinda similar questions, bad thing is what if i second guess myself? What if am like, 'maybe i should not have picked this answer the first time around? I wish they used to give you the answers for the questions after you're done then you would know which questions were right or wrong!
    Thanks again for your help.
  5. by   ucdmc
    I took the exam 5 months ago and failed- my score was 86 passing score was 89! Im taking it again in a week. Any tips??? Pls!! im desperate!!!
  6. by   RNFELICITY
    Quote from AmiK25
    I took it last fall and didn't really think it was that bad. I bought the Pass CCRN book and studied only the Cd-Rom that came with it (the book is way too detailed) for about 1-2 weeks. Just brush up on shock states and swan numbers and you will be fine. I was really nervous b/c I kept hearing how hard it was but I only missed 6 questions!

    I did exactly the same thing when I took my test over a year ago. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It is not a piece of cake, but if you put some effort into it, you will do just fine.
  7. by   RN.sdavis
    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to give my 2cents worth regarding studying for the CCRN.

    I have been in the Cardiac ICU for a little udner 2 years, and have decided to take the CCRN. This is how I prepared for the examination: I went onto the AACN's website and got the list of body systems and disease processes that will be on the exam (it is easy to find on their website under Adults CCRN- "prepare to take your exam". I basically went down the list, learning EVERYTHING I could about each disease process and abnormalities (and Normal limits). I studied from the Dennison book, PASS CCRN, and from my old clinical Critical Care book (Thelan's Critical Care Nursing, Diagnosis and Management by Urden, Stacy, and Lough). I took the PASS CCRN CD questions until I knew the answers by-heart. (which gave me false positive results when I was getting high 80's, 90's on the CD)...The CD, however, was by far, a VERY useful tool.

    I also bought Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's book, "Critical Care Examination Review, 4th Edition. It was only 50 dollars on It purley has questions, 1200 of them.... with rationales. This book was my favorite to learn from. I only wish it had a CD.. oh well....
    I proabably studied for about 1 months before I took the test. I also paid the 50 dollars for the AACN's SAE test they promote on their website. It was worth it, and mimicks the real test- with the same computer screen lay-out and everything. I took this practice the day before I took the real test- I wanted to see an accurate representation of how I would REALLY do... I even tried to mimic the environment, (No music playing, turned off my phone, etc).

    Anyway, I took the test, and I passed. I got 102 questions correct= 82% I'll take it!!!! The questions in the PASS CCRN CD and all the practice tests I took were BY FAR harder than the actual test questions.. Don't get me wrong, there are some tricky questions.. but I don't think they were as difficult as the real-deal. I hope this helps! Good luck! You can do it!