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  1. I am getting ready to sit for my CCRN, and I am wondering if your hospitals offer incentives for taking it, such as reimbursement for the exam and a shift premium, etc. I need some general ideas to propose when I go for my semi-annual evaluation at work, maybe get some monetary recognition for my efforts!

    Has anyone ever been to Laura Gasparis Vonfolio's CCRN review course? This woman was amazing, a phenomenal educator and so funny, I just got back from a course this week, and I tell you I learned so much and really enjoyed myself, it was a blast, I thoroughly recommend it!
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  3. by   dorimar
    Funnily enough, I went to a critical care simposium offered by her about 10 years ago, & she was phenomenal. So, when I decided to test for my CCRN I bought her DVD's on CCRN review. Here were my scores: Endocrine 100%, Renal 100%, Hematology 100%, multisystem 100%, gastrointestinal 100%, pulmonary 95%, cardiovascular 93%, professional synergy model 88%, and Neuro 83%. I don't really mean to brag, but i really was proud. You never really get to show your scores just your certification. While I do credit alot of this to my years of experience, the tapes really did help. Also, I took alot of test questions over and over and over. The job I just left was going to pay me 1 dollar /hr extra for the certification. The job I just turned down was going to pay (get ready)... 4 dollars/hr more for the certification. The job I just took pays nothing more as of yet, however their standard is where I want to be.
  4. by   elizadream
    My hospital paid for my test and sent me to an unbearable 2 day review in Savannah. (nov, 05) No hotel or gas expenses were paid So I passed, and got it stamped right there "CCRN" on my badge. It is an accomplishment for you personally and it also gives high marks for your manager when his review comes up. Just take the practice questions over and over and over and over..........and might get a higher raise than those that did'nt try.
  5. by   christianRN
    My hospital paid for my books, for the test, and for mileage, but don't pay me any more on the hour for getting my CCRN. I do get credit for it on my clinical ladder, though, and it's a BIG chunk of credit! With my CCRN credit, I will be able to get our $4000 bonus instead of our $3000 bonus.
    You should push for recogntion and/or reimbursement, especially if your hospital is interested in Magnet status. Certification is a big deal for that.
  6. by   Zee_RN
    When I got my CCRN, my hospital didn't pay for anything and didn't recognize it either. My manager said, congratulations and that was it. I was the only CCRN on the unit.

    At my current hospital, they offer a scholarship for a few people a year for certifications. There are qualifications to apply for it and only a few people are awarded, but at least it is something!

    I'm not currently paid anymore for having my CCRN either but it is part of the clinical ladder. I meet all the requirements for a Level II on the clinical ladder EXCEPT -- I need to do 4 hours of "community teaching" and Lord help me, I have NO time for that!
  7. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from christianRN
    ... With my CCRN credit, I will be able to get our $4000 bonus instead of our $3000 bonus...
    Hey, Christian. Does the bonus apply each year the CCRN is in effect, or just for the year you got it?
  8. by   ArizonaICU
    Yes I have seen Dr. Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's CCRN Review and It is awesome! I am looking to take the exam later this year and am continuing to learn as much as possible. I know the hospital I used to work at paid an extra $5.oo per hour for CCRN, CEN, or CNRN certification, plus a one time 2500 dollar bonus. plus they would pay for the review course, the exam, and the expenses.
  9. by   AllisonLP
    exactly how does one get a ccrn certification? I noticed that my school doesnt offer anything like this so I was just curious. also, are there similar certifications that one can acquire? sorry, I'm just a student.
  10. by   christianRN
    Havin' a Party,
    Yes, the certification counts every year on the clinical ladder as long as it's maintained with either a retake of the CCRN or meeting educational requirements, which I think you have to do every three years.
    For our clinical ladder, national certification gives you more than half the points you need to acheive the first level. It's a good deal!
  11. by   rarjn5
    Does anyone have any advice for a new ICU nurse, almost 2 years, for studying for the CCRN test? How should I tackle the studying and what study helps should I buy? What is the test like and how long is it. How many questions does it have. Appreciate any advice.
  12. by   christianRN
    THere are lots of threads that address might do a search for CCRN.
  13. by   RNforLongTime
    I went to see Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio's CCRN review course last September! She was phenomenal!!! I also have her CCRN review tapes and her review book! The nurses that I worked with that have recently taken the CCRN exam have only studied her materials and all passed with flying colors! I highly recommend her materials for studying.

    Another excellent resource for CCRN is Pass CCRN! by Robin Dennison. The book is too detailed but it comes with an excellent review disk that has a LOT of questions on it!

    I am taking my CCRN in two weeks! I am SOOOOO nervous that I don't know enough materials! I don't get any reimbursement or any extra in my pay for certification. My last job paid for the exam and then I got "let go" so I am still gonna take the test.

    Wish me luck please!