Where are the TEAS testing sites in Michigan? Where are the TEAS testing sites in Michigan? | allnurses

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Where are the TEAS testing sites in Michigan?

  1. 0 Where are the testing sites for the TEAS in MI other than Schoolcraft? I am hoping to take it sometime between next month and early January. Schoolcraft doesnt have anything for these dates. If anyone could help me I'd really appreciate it!
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    EMU has a test on january 22nd but you would need to contact the nursing dept EMU Nursing Office 734-487-2310
    Or email: hricciard@emich.edu quickly since testing tends to fill up fast.

    Not sure where else might have one sooner but you could try Madonna
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    Thanks a bunch! Ill check with them first thing tomorrow...
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    wayne county community college and macomb community college both offer the Teas.....testing dates i am not sure about. You would have to call their nursing departments.