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Is there anyone else on here who is waiting for a response from WCCCD's nursing department? I applied June 30, and am going slightly crazy waiting for my acceptance/denial e-mail! Let's get to know each other, hopefully we'll be... Read More

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    Has anyone heard if there is a lower or higher number of applicants this year? I heard last semester there was a low number of applicants.

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    Quote from readi13
    I'm praying to see my acceptance letter in the mail. I have also called the Nursing office and was told letters will be mailed.
    Did they mention specifically when they will be mailed? Or are you getting the same info we are? (late Aug early Sep)
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    OK I just called again. LOL I couldn't take it! She said the letters will be mailed out a week from tomorrow!
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    I called and was told the same. Last week of the month is exactly what a woman told me.
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    I dont know for sure BUT a friend of mine told me when she applied it wasn't a lot of ppl turning in applications. She went in May...
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    Quote from readi13
    I dont know for sure BUT a friend of mine told me when she applied it wasn't a lot of ppl turning in applications. She went in May...
    This was my first time applying (I went the 6/30 meeting) so I really don't have anything to compare it to. But I expected to see a lot more people at the meeting than what I saw. There wasn't that many people when I went. Maybe like 30-40.
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    I wonder why WCCCD doesn't just give us a date let us go there and pick up our letters. It would be much better for the environment, save them $, and save us a lot of grief.
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    I went to an application meeting in May and there weren't many ppl there. I was hoping the turn out was the same for the June meetings.
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    I went to the very first app meeting in April and it was only 4 of us when turned in applications. Me and the other 3 students even stayed talking ro the director for about an hour after we completed our apps, and during that time only one student entered and he didn't have everything he needed and was told to come back. I'm praying it is a low turn out this year, so we'll all have a better chance at getting in. Good luck and God bless every1. I wish they would hurry up and send out my acceptance letter so that I can stop holding my breath lol.
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    Thanks CeCe2001 for that information. I figured the turn out for the early application meeting would be a little low. I expected the last 2 in June to have lots of people. if you've been waiting since April, I know you're probably going crazy because I know I am.

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