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Hi All, So I am in the last leg of classes to start applying to programs and WCCCD is the first school on my list. I have seen several threads throughout about the school and was just wondering if anyone else was preparing to... Read More

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    Sorry about the reaging this thread but I was curious about the following statement.

    Originally Posted by doswald1
    Don't just walk, RUN away from Wayne County Community College. Fair warning.

    Anybody want to comment on this?
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    Quote from Heart_Shaped_Rocks
    BIO 155 or the overall GPA does not count towards getting in the program. You need a high GPA in the 5 classes; A&P 1, A&P 2, ENG 119, PSY 101 and Micro-biology. Get A's in those five and score good on your teas and you will be in.

    Thank you for this information. I thought this is how it worked but other people told me it was the overall GPA. I just started this semester with BIO. I'm excited and worried about Micro next semester. Everyone says don't worry it's not like you have to get an A but I do if I want to get into the program.
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    Micro is not that bad. Just stay focused from the beginning. I got a B (my only one in my pre-reqs)

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