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Hi everyone!!! I am new to - I was wondering if anyone has applied for the Fall 2009 accelerated program? I have not been able to attend an information session due to scheduling... Read More

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    Quote from wtbabsn2012
    I have been reading everyone's comments.......this is my first time writing my own. I also applied to the UM Second Career BSN program for 2012. I have not heard anything from them yet? It sounds like some people have already been accepted and wait-listed...I have not been contacted at all. Does anyone know if EVERYONE who has been accepted has been contacted already? Does this mean I am to assume I have been rejected or is there still hope? Any advice out there from current students or applicants?
    I don't know for sure, but I am pretty confident that only a minority of those people who will be accepted have been notified. From previous years it looks like they have about three waves of acceptances. It sounds like so far there may have only been one set of notifications. Even after those waves, it appears that there are still quite a few straggling acceptances that make their way out in early summer. Granted, that is based on previous years, but it seems likely based on those that most of the positions in the program are still available. Try to stay optimistic and hope for the best. Good luck!

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    Thank you all for the information and the words of encouragement. I am very hopeful to hear some positive news from UM SON. My family and I are all very anxious to hear some news.....hopefully it will be soon and that I have been "accepted" .

    To those applicants still waiting to hear from UM: Please continue to post comments regarding status updates and notifications and I will do the same. Good Luck to everyone!!!
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    Spoke with the SON today. She said the decisions have been sent out and we should have them by the end of the week. Good luck!
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    Good luck to you, kfj6703, and everyone else who is still waiting! I'll be sending positive vibes your way!
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    Zoiks...this doesn't sound good. I'm guessing the decisions link is updated for acceptance, and if there's no link then maybe no acceptance. I still have no magic link or email....
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    I just checked out the UM Admissions site and I have no link yet either? I believe they have been emailing people first and then telling them to check out the UM Admission link? Either way, I have not seen anything yet either...Good Luck to all who are still waiting.
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    I just got an e-mail saying I got waitlisted. Now I'm hoping for a miracle so I can get off the waiting list!!
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    I GOT IN!!! WOO HOO!!! Finally, all the waiting is over...
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    Sadly, I got the denial link on wolverine, just an email saying I didn't get in. A bitter pill since my undergrad gpa is 3.94 and my graduate gpa is 3.89. Hopefully Oakland takes me....good luck to everyone who will be attending U of M! Signing off this site now.....
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    Still haven't received an email from the SON, but this morning on wolerineaccess, I had an offer of admittance waiting for me
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