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Hi everyone!!! I am new to - I was wondering if anyone has applied for the Fall 2009 accelerated program? I have not been able to attend an information session due to scheduling... Read More

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    To everyone who is wondering about tuition:

    The registrar's office has a department called tuition and fees. If you go to their website (Tuition and Registration Fees - Office of the Registrar), you can look up tuition costs for full-time students, as well as per credit hour, for undergrad and grad for every school in the university. Under "Second Career Nursing," they list the tuition per full-time term to be $7,876 for instate students and $22,500 for out of state students. Granted, tuition changes slightly every year and this is only valid for Fall-Spring/Summer 2012...
    Hope that helped, and good luck!

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    Thank you, this will help get a ballpark figure. Thanks again.
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    Thanks for the financial info. I decided to do UDM for sure. With the grants I got for my transfer GPA, I think it actually works out to be less expensive than UMich. I hope you all get good news soon!
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    Spartan89, is there a long wait for UDM? Or were you already accepted and waiting to decide which? When do you start? And congratulations on having a solid game plan!
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    I was already accepted and waiting to decide. I had originally planned to defer and wait to hear from UMich but I got impatient and didn't have any realistic idea about what my chances were like on the waitlist. My main issue was cost anyways...UDM's program looks ridiculously expensive on paper ($53,000) but I was awarded over $20,000 in grant money for my undergrad GPA being above a 3.5. And I can still apply for other aid and scholarships! I start in May. There is no wait and they get back to you quickly. May is full, and the next cohort starts in January.
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    Yay. Good for you. My sister got her BSN from UDM, traditional, about 25 years ago. It's a great school. My undergrad gpa is 3.8, I wonder, do they automatically give you the grant, or do they guide you by giving you info on what to apply for? I'm happy for you! I think I may apply. I too saw the cost and turned away!
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    They automatically award it. I was shocked because I thought the $7000 was a one time thing, but it turns out it's every semester! I can't say much about the program because I haven't started yet, but I was very impressed at orientation. The faculty and Dean/Assistant Dean all stopped in to encourage us, and even told us we could call their cell phones at any time with questions. Thy were up front about how tough the program is, but they emphasized how much they are on our side and want us to succeed
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    Has anyone heard anything or know of anyone who has gotten a decision recently?
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    I haven't heard a thing. Mind you, I am the only one I know who is applying to UM's ABSN program. Either they haven't released acceptances yet or this is one unlucky group of people commenting on this thread. Hopefully we'll all get good news soon.
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    Still word....I'm not keeping all my eggs in U of M's basket though....I have also applied to OU, so I'm double waiting!

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