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I am thinking about going to Mercy's accelorated second degree program but I hear they lose many people during the year due to grades. Is that true? Is it too fast and should I consider a 2 year... Read More

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    I am thinking about applying to the second Degree program. was wondering if second degree applicants have to take the HESI exam??

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    Can anyone tell me if you have to take the HESI/NET exam for the second degree program at UDM? Thanks
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    Not required.
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    I am attending U of D Mercys accelerated nursing program that begins in May 2011. Does anyone have any preparation suggestions??? I start in 3 months and am SUPER nervous.
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    I was wondering how long it takes to find out if you get into U of D's accelerated nursing program.. I have sent in my application and I have given them my plan to make sure I complete the prerequisites and can graduate before the winter semester.
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    You have to have 3 of the 5 science pre-reqs completed before you can be considered. So, if you have them completed you should be considered soon. It also depends on if you are looking at the Jan or May program
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    I already sent them my plan for the winter and I only have 2 left to complete and it's for the January program.. will they have an answer in like a month? THanks!
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    What gpa do you need to get accepted?
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    you need to have a 3.0 and I believe a 2.5 in all prerequisite courses
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    do you really have only one chance in this program? even in the first degree program?

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