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Hi everyone!!! I am new to - I was wondering if anyone has applied for the Fall 2009 accelerated program? I have not been able to attend an information session due to scheduling conflicts. Does anyone know how many... Read More

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    If it's helpful to anyone, I found out about my waitlist status via email. My wolverine access account actually didn't change until over 24 hours later.
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    Nothing here either. I've been checking for so long I don't check nearly as often as I used to. Serenity now...
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    Does anyone know about the chances of getting into the program once placed on the waitlist?
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    I think it varies from year to year. It seems like most years they wind up taking only a few from the waitlist, but it sounds like they took a ton from the waitlist last year. I'd be lying if I said I knew why. Have you heard from them about being waitlisted?
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    I still haven't heard anything...not even about being waitlisted....I'm wishing we would just get a little update...letting us know a time frame or something. I'm still waiting to hear about program costs...I can't get an answer from anyone at SON. Does anyone have an estimate...give or take a few thousand? They sent me an itemized cost sheet from Oakland, right down to school supplies ( paper, pens, printer ink) and uniforms!
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    Yeah, I heard about being waitlisted a couple months ago
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    More waiting...
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    Hi All! I share your frustration! I applied last year and was waitlisted. So were about 15 of my friends/acquaintances. I only know of one person from that group that was admitted (and it wasn't me!). I applied again this year at the end of January and, like most of us, I'm still waiting for a decision! Good luck to everyone!
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    Have you applied to Oakland university? They have cohorts 3 times per year, and the program is cheaper and still only 1 year. Just sayin....
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    Wrote ---- today (again) to try and find out whether there has been any development concerning my application. She gave me the usual form reply, but did mention that they "hope to let you know of a decision by the end of April". So there is apparently a light at the end of the tunnel, it's just another 5-6 weeks away.
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