Thoughts on LPN Program (OCC)

  1. i'm hoping someone can shed some light on this for me.

    i go to oakland community college (royal oak, mi) and am taking my pre-req's for the adn program. i understand that in order to get into the actual nursing program, your gpa pretty much has to be top of the line. (3.86 or higher - this year).

    i have recently been looking into the lpn program (i still want to pursue nursing/adn, but thought that doing the lpn would be a good idea before continuing to the adn - job prospects, acceptance into adn program, etc.)

    does oakland community college offer lpn programs? i see they offer lpn to adn fasttrack, but is that only for already practicing lpns?

    if anyone can answer some questions for me, i would really appreciate it:

    1) is it as hard to become a licensed lpn?
    2) do you have clinicals?
    3) do you have to be accepted to a lpn program after you finish your pre-reqs?
    4) if you have to get accepted into the lpn program, do you have to have a specific gpa?

    thanks so much
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  3. by   JaaaeyRN
    1) Is it as hard to become a licensed LPN?
    I believe it is. You have to get 80% passing the board exam.
    100% of OCC LPN graduate in the past passed exam. I don't know about other scho

    2) Do you have clinicals?
    I just finished my first rotation today. I am in LPN 2011.
    It was a fun, interesting experience and very hand on. It's 2 weeks at ECF (4 days total). Next we will do acute care.

    3) Do you have to be accepted to a LPN program after you finish your pre-reqs?
    you finish your 6 pre-reqs (AP 1&2, Nutrition, Psychology, English Comp 1, Microbiology), then you can apply with a nursing counselor either southfield or highland lakes. I think it's before September 1st. And within a month or so, they will sent out the letter to announce whether you are accepted or not.

    I had pre-reqs for ADN done also but my gpa was just 3.69x, so it wasn't good enough for ADN 2010. I got accepted to LPN and I took the opportunity. I am loving it so far.

    4) If you have to get accepted into the LPN program, do you have to have a specific GPA?

    Last year was 3.6xx cut off GPA. I believe it is going up. 2010 was 3.5xx. There are many 4.0 also and they accept only 30 some spot!

    Yes there is a bridge program and there is not GPA criteria for that. If you apply, you get it. Yes you need to have a job before you get accepted. I don't think it will be that hard if you start to make connection with people.

    Bridge program offers only on even year. So you will have time to find job and get your experience and make some $$$ and take a deep breath before you start again.
    LPN is identical to first year ADN. So be prepared, from 32 people in my class, now we have only 26. Some of them said they didn't expect these much of the work load!

    Good luck on your decision. Shoot me questions if you have.
  4. by   Kimberly6891
    Wow, thanks so much for all the info. I'll certainly get more info from my counselor. I just don't know how I would get all "A"s on my classes for the 3.86 GPA/ADN Program. I'm still going to shoot for it. I think I would use the LPN program as a 2nd option until I could get back to the RN.

    Again, thank you....
  5. by   JaaaeyRN
    You are welcome.
    Do it. Apply for LPN and also take summer and winter class to shoot for all A. If you are certain to get all A. You can still deny your spot and wait to get accept to RN.

    Good luck. Whateve you choose LPN or RN, you will be just fine.
  6. by   Ldw971
    I was accepted into lpn starting January 2012. Could you give me info about foundations in nursing? How many hours do we spend at lab and clinical a day?
  7. by   Anne36
  8. by   MrsClarkRN
    Where do you find info for the LPN program? All I see is info for the LPN to RN program.
  9. by   Anne36
    Hi, Ive been in this program for over a year now. Ask a counselor for the info on the program. First of all I just want to say to everyone reading this that before you go jumping into the OCC LPN program first go and investigate other schools, Im talking about going straight for your BSN. It could take you just as long or longer to get your ADN at OCC. As for the LPN program, I would not recommend it to anyone at this point. Its been miserable. We do have Theory, Lab and Clinical 2 days a week. OCC is NOT easy just because it is community. I have heard of other programs that have far less work to do. Im not afraid of work or I wouldnt be here now, but there are some days, it seems undoable.

    We are in the begining of the last semester and only half of our original class is left + many of those people left are A students and have just failed the first exam we had. You can be all Aces and then easily fail out of this program in the end. I think it is a dirty little secret at this school. I have had a 4.0 since pre-reqs and I barely passed the first exam.
  10. by   Ldw971
    Finishing up 1st half of semester one for lpn program at OCC. Everything is going well and Im excited to start my clinicals next semester.
  11. by   Anne36
    Ldw971, Im glad Pharm went well for you. Foundations is not bad at all, the biggest deal is really just getting used to the schedule. We just finished Lab for good this past week. Let me know how everything goes next month.
  12. by   Ldw971
    I sure will. Nervous but excited!!
  13. by   Cierracl28
    So did you finish the nursing program?

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