Rules regarding delegation

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    Hi there!

    I was wondering, are the rules regarding delegation the same for all nurses nationwide or are they state-specific? Where can they be found?

    Thank you!

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    They are State specific.
    In WA & OR the rules are on the BoN website.
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    It is state specific which can make studying for the nclex frustrating. I'd be doing practice questions for class/nclex and get them wrong because their guidlines don't match up with what happens here in MI.

    I just had to remember the key words- teach, assess, plan etc that are words that apply to only RNs. Your place of business should also have policies reguarding certain activities that are allowed to be delagated.
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    If you mean between nurse and PCA I have determined it has everything to do with the particular PCA and not much to do with policy . I am still trying to figure out after 10+ months what I can and can't ask other staff to do for me/pt.

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