RN-BSN competitiveness? Look at prereq gpa only? RN-BSN competitiveness? Look at prereq gpa only? | allnurses

RN-BSN competitiveness? Look at prereq gpa only?

  1. 1 Hi everyone. So I am taking prereq courses to get into OCC"s nursing program. My prereq gpa is currently a 3.824 and i'm retaking courses to get it up to a 4.0, with hopes of getting admission for fall of 2012.

    I have some previous college coursework that I didn't do so great in. I would like to eventually do an RN-BSN bridge program after the OCC ADN program. Does anyone know of BSN programs that look at your gpa in the PREREQUISITE COURSES ONLY? Like how for OCC's ADN program, they don't care about any of your other coursework other than your coursework in the 11 required prereq courses. Are there any RN-BSN completion programs with similar requirements (care only about your gpa in their prerequisite courses)?
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    Eastern looks at GPA of math and science courses even though there are psych, soc, and english prereqs needed to apply. Although that is for the traditional BSN program. I dont know about the ADN to BSN program.
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    I have the same question about the selective admissions for the RN - BSN programs! It is difficult to find any information besides that they exist. Please post if you find out any information!!
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    Most school's look at your pre req gpa, asn gpa, and what you say in your essay.
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    I was just accepted to MSU's RN-BSN program. I good good grades for my ASN and recent prereqs but had a previous BS with a low gpa of 3.1. The first couple semesters of the BS were terrible but I pulled up the overall gpa before I graduated. It apparently didn't matter. I think they looked at the fact that I did well in nursing courses and have consistently improved from my previous bad grades.
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    Thanks for the info. I am about to get a disappointing C in organic chem and I still have a week to drop if I need to. I am not sure if that will effect me down the road when I try to apply for the RN-BSN. I hate the idea of doing all that work again and spending the money again, but I don't want any snags later....
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    If it makes you feel better, I got a 2.5 in orgo.