OCC New Admission Criteria

  1. Only five prereq classes now and the new test is math proficiency and reading comprehension with a 75% in only two attempts. There is also a fee for the test.

    What do you think? Will there be any other additions? The repeated courses will lower the total score and transfer scores will lower total score.

    I also took both english classes with Schoolcraft College and Microbiology, so I don't think I have a chance. What program would you recommend around Livonia/Novi/Walled Lake area? Schoolcraft has a 4 year wait list. I'm kind of frustrated. I've been looking at programs since I was 18 years old, not really serious about them now but now I'm ready to do something. I'm 23 and getting old now, lol. I'd like to get a career by 30.
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  3. by   mskarb
    You can always just retake your english classes and micro at OCC, I had a couple classes from Baker that I never even gave my transcript to the school so it didn't show up at all. I just got accepted into the program this year after doing all 11 classes! It was a pain but worth it! Good luck, and if you do end up doing the OCC program let me know I have some great teachers you can choose when picking your schedule!
  4. by   rystle
    My English and Micro classes are all A's (4.0) so it would seem kind of pointless to retake them unless I had no other option, lol. How do you like OCC program? Thanks for the offer on giving me the good teachers.
  5. by   mskarb
    Well...it doesn't seem pointless to take them to me if it means the difference between getting to be a nurse or not! I'm just finishing up my classes this semester and I begin my first class on May 7th.
  6. by   Kadambari
    what are the 5 classes that you need?
  7. by   rystle
    English Composition 1
    English Composition 2
    Anatomy & Physiology 1
    Anatomy & Physiology 2

    It says transfer scores may lower the score. It doesn't say that they will, but what chance do you think I have if I obtain a 4.0 transfer score as opposed to all the classes at OCC? Would I get in eventually or it would be endless?

    I already took the first three classes at Schoolcraft College. I obtained a 4.0 in the first three classes though my Microbiology class is from 2008 but with a 4.0 so I guess I may have to retake microbiology. OCC would not even let me into English Composition 1. I kept testing into Academic Literacy (ENG 1060) and I took it once and the teacher was so hard and wouldn't even pass me. This was like in 2007. It was horrible. Schoolcraft College I tested into College level English Composition 1 the first time and obtained a 4.0 the first time I took English Composition 1. Have no idea why it is so hard to get into it there, lol.
  8. by   Kadambari
    What application period will the changes come into affect?
  9. by   rystle

    You can see more about it here: Prospective Students
  10. by   Anne36
    Can someone clarify the new requirements for me, because Im confused. Am I correct in stating that you still need to complete the 11 pre-reqs but they are only basing your GPA off the 5?
  11. by   Kadambari
    Quote from Anne36
    Can someone clarify the new requirements for me, because Im confused. Am I correct in stating that you still need to complete the 11 pre-reqs but they are only basing your GPA off the 5?
    Yes, you have it correct. The 5 prequisites courses are for admission into the RN program however the rest of the classes can be completed when you are admitted into the program

    Does anyone know why the admission policy was changed?
  12. by   mskarb
    I would NOT recommend taking the courses along with your other nursing courses, it is best to complete them before hand. I start the program in 2 weeks but from what I have heard you can barely manage to even work while in the program let alone and another class or two.....the admission policy was changed because the GPA was getting so high.
  13. by   rystle
    What is this new reading comprehension and math entry test going to be like? Since it is only 75% to get in, it must be much harder? Will there be a points system? Do you think this system will work and everyone will not have 4.0's? Why don't they just give the TEAS test? Why do they have to have a specialized test?

    Since transfer scores lower the score, will you have to retake everything at OCC or do you think they will even admit anyone with transfer scores? I think they should give people that reside within the Oakland Community College district priority too or extra points. They didn't really explain the points system much. There should be extra points if the candidate had an excellent GPA but was not admitted after one or two years of not being admitted?

    I have taken ALL of the classes on the OCC website except Anatomy & Physiology. The Microbiology class was taken in 2008, so I don't know if it expires or something. I had a 4.0 in my microbiology class.
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  14. by   mskarb
    I'm not sure what the test will be like.....As for the points...I was going to try and apply at Baker and they do the point system also....Diff. criteria meant diff. points...Like a retake took 1 pt off the score..but a transfer took 2 points away per class transferred..they also had a limit on the number of transfer that were able to come in. Since they are implementing this in the following year and NOT next, and you have all the classes required, I suggest that you take summer classes for anatomy 1 and take anatomy 2 in the fall and then you can still apply by December and not go by the new criteria. Summer classes start soon so I would get on it. Good Luck
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