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OCC - for Fall 2012 or Jan 2012 prospective students! - page 20

Hi everyone! Okay so I decided to make a seperate thread for those of us seeing what our options are because we got the dreaded letter from OCC. It was getting hard to filter out the information... Read More

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    Good like to everyone starting school today! I can't wait to hear how your first day of nursing school went!!!!
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    Hi everyone,

    First day of pharm was great! Got to get serious and study for the quiz. Good luck to everyone who is taking pharm this summer.
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    Pharm went well today Lots of note taking! Was just wondering if anyone else has applied or will be applying for any scholarships and which ones?

    I just completed the application on HRSA.gov and find out in September whether I am approved! I also plan on applying to some of the scholarships under the Phi Theta Kappa website and some of the ones at OaklandCC...

    Need all the help I can get now that they put a limit on the amount of years the Pell Grant is available!
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    Please help with tips to study and memorize drugs.... for now antimicrobials.Thanks in advance.
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    Quote from QuarterLife88
    Print out your PP slides. They do not pass them out or have extra. It is a lot of printing and once you start Foundations and have to print out a Gordon's Assessment/Careplan that is 20 something pages long...


    If you know someone who works at an office with a laser printer and can print for you for free (a really close relative that you see often) email them your PP slides/assignments and try that. My mother has printed a lot of assignments for me to save ink and I pick them up from her.

    Hi Quarterlife88,

    Do we have to learn individual drug side effects, action and nursing activities or does it go by pharmacological classification ?
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    Pretty sure it's individual. I know it looks like a lot, (and it is, I studied all day everyday when I had pharm, from one test til the next!), but if you know it, the questions will be a piece of cake.

    Just looked through my old pharm syllabus: Some are listed in classes. Learn those classes and their SE, NI, and so on. A few are by themselves, learn them as individuals.

    Welcome to nursing school.
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    Thanks a lot quarterlife88. This would help me a great deal.
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    for anyone whos a visual learner nurses notes for pharm, will help a lot. they dont have every drug but most of the common ones
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    I hope everyone did well on their tests this week! 2 weeks down!!!!
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    100%!!!!!!!!!!! How about you?
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    Hi Kizeemimi,

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go.....
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    UGH OB.

    I miss pharm on days like these.