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Hi everyone! Okay so I decided to make a seperate thread for those of us seeing what our options are because we got the dreaded letter from OCC. It was getting hard to filter out the information pertinent to us in the general... Read More

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    It's August 1 at the RO campus

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    Hi everyone,

    Just checked online Raiders Book store, fall 1410 bool list is out.... lot of books.... I was wondering if we need to buy medical terminology... or can use online information and get by.

    Suggestions most welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    We never had a med terminology book (you don't need one, the lingo isn't rocket science), but I looked at the list and it looks like it's required. I would hold off though. The Pharm books is also required and I never used it, not even in Pharm! If it's optional, don't bother. You do need a good lab & diagnostic book, and I just went with theirs but there are many resources out there just as good, like medscape.
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    Hi Quarterlife88,

    Thanks alot.... I am surprised that there is no Fundamental book...... like fundamental of nursing kind.
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    use to be a huge book called foundations in nursing by taylor, damn thing weighed 25lbs, i swear 25lbs. you should be glad you dont have that anymore. my back still isnt the same
    sorry havent checked in, in a long time, what with my final class and studying for the nclex i just havent had time. looks like you guys have some really great help form quarterlife anyway. hope everyone passed pharm, but heard of a couple who didnt through friends i still talk to in the program. its always hard to see people fail. the one thing about nursing school is gossip sure does spread fast.
    some final stats for those who are interested: we finished with around 139 students out of 216 that started. some of those were LPN's doing transitions so the number of us that graduated on time was around 110 to 115. so just a little over 50%. scary isnt it.
    well i hope you all have a great summer. i will post how long it takes me to find a job and what type of facility its in. hopefully by the time you guys graduate the nursing shortage will actually be a shortage, sure isnt right now. plenty of jobs for those with exp, none if you dont.

    i would do the cna program this summer and get a job at a hosp over the fall if you can its the easiest way to get into a hosp after graduation
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    If anyone is on here that DIDN'T take Pharm yet and is taking it in the fall I am looking to sell my books that I have for it
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    Hi whosurdaddy,

    Thanks for the inputs. About CNA, to keep the certificate valid , you must work... or you lose the certificate. Secondly would it be easy doing to nursing school as well?
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    def want to use it. i think its valid for 2 years whether its used or not
    it wouldnt be easy, but you can do it now or you can wait till after foundations. once you pass foundations you dont have to take the course, you can pay for the exam and just take the exam. pretty easy.
    as of right now there are no hospitals that i have found that are hiring grad students. hopefully that will change in the near future, but not now. everyone wants 1 year exp. the hospitals hire there own so when you have a job at the hospital and you grad its a whole lot easier
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    Friends of mine that graduated from MCC Nursing program got hired in at St. John as new grads.
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    yes unfortunately MCC has a clinical contract with st Johns Macomb and OCC doesnt so they hire the students from the schools the have a relationship with. i did send in an app there last week, so we will see

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