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Hi everyone! Okay so I decided to make a seperate thread for those of us seeing what our options are because we got the dreaded letter from OCC. It was getting hard to filter out the information pertinent to us in the general... Read More

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    When you start 1410 you will have theory on Mondays (always), then you may have Tues/Wed lab days, morning from 9-12 or afternoon from 2-5. OR, you may have Thurs/Fri lab. That's for the first 6 weeks. So you'll have school 3 days a week and no clinical (oh those were the days!). Starting week 7, you will have clinical at the extended care facility in place of whatever lab days you had. So if you had Thurs/Fri lab, you will have ECF clinical those two days: Mon - theory, Thurs/Fri - clinical.

    That goes on for two weeks.

    Then I believe you go back to the three days a week routine (theory, lab/lab) for one week, and then you start your acute care facility clinical and your schedule looks like this: Mon - theory, lab one day a week whatever day they assign you to (they will email you your new lab day), and two days at clinical. And that is standard throughout the rest of your first year.

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    Did anyone do the liability insurance yet? I got a quote of 36.75 does that seem right?
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    Quote from TinkerBell2002
    Did anyone do the liability insurance yet? I got a quote of 36.75 does that seem right?
    Yes, that's what the quoted me also.
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    Thanks Princess. Just trying to knock all this stuff out the way before August.
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    So eager! I remember feeling that way...Now I just want to have a good cry and a nap.
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    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone give me more information about CNA program with red cross... I mean personal experience as well as if there are similar short term programs available in oakland county. Since Ihave almost two months on hand... Thinking I should do CNA to get my foot in the door. Thanks.
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    Can anyone share inofromation on Fundamental text used at OCC.Thanks.
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    For Foundations you use several books. You buy the majority of the books you will use throughout the program that first semester.

    We used the big med-surg book, the psych book, and the Michigan Nurses Assoc. book for theory. There's also another book the name of which is slipping my mind right now, but it was really boring to read and I haven't read it since Nov...contemporary something, lol. There's also Nanda, NIC, and NOC, for careplans. Don't worry if those names don't make sense right now...you will learn them well soon enough

    For lab we had a set of DVDs to watch before classes and a skills book to read.
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    Thanks a lot.
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    Do you guys know when your orientation is yet?

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