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Hi everyone! Okay so I decided to make a seperate thread for those of us seeing what our options are because we got the dreaded letter from OCC. It was getting hard to filter out the information pertinent to us in the general... Read More

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    To anyone who is taking Pharm this summer:
    I'm a little confused on the reading that the professor wants us to do prior to class. In the packet we recieved it says to look over reading activity in units 1 and 2, now in unit 1 it says to read 1-5 ( which I get), but pg 8, 18 and 52-53 don't make sense to me they are at random spots in the chapter?? I don't want to already be bugging the professor...LOL, I feel dumb and haven't even begun the class...HAHA Thanks for your help!!!

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    Good luck to everyone in next years class. Im finishing up in the LPN program and we also have less than half of our original class left. Whosyurdaddy had the best advice. We do have a couple of girls who manage to work some part time hours but I dont know how they do it. More people tried to hold on to their part time hours in Foundations but after we came back in the fall it was much more difficult. If you have to work, go ahead and try it. When your grade slips to 80-84% you may want to call in sick. There is a fine line between passing and failing. People have failed our program over 2-3 points. Enjoy the next few months while you can. Your life is about to change.
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    Hi Princessim2003,

    I guess we need to just read the pages given and practice dosage calculations. You can find dosage cal worksheet on HL ASC web page. Anyway the first quiz is going to be on Unit I,II and II according to the syllabus, these comprises of ch 1-8. Looks like reading all these chapters may helps. This is only my suggestion. Are you in monday class?
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    just a little bit of advice
    for dosages know mcg to mg, know tsp to ml and tbsp to ml. the rest of level 1 math test are pretty easy, just dont take it for granted. know a girl who made it all the way to 2540 only to fail the math test 3 times and now has to wait till Dec to graduate.
    also its totally up to you but i wouldnt sweat the pre-reading for class. most teachers test on their powerpoints. if your the type who likes to be able to answer all the teachers questions then the pre-reading is important. i honestly would only glance it over
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    Hi whosurdaddy,

    Thanks for the tip. Can you please which drug reference book is used at occ. I am confused between Davis and Mosby's.
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    its davis
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    Hi Whosurdaddy
    Thank you very much.... It feels good when you are around to share and advice new students.
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    Can you please tell me which dictionary is better.... Mosby's or Taber's.. appreciate your help.
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    Hi sv99, thanks for replying I guess I didn't realize that we need to read all those chapters...LOL. Anyway's i'm in the Wed class.
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    Hi princessim2003,

    You dont have to read in detail I guess.. if we read the alloted pages.. that would help... I actually started ... then realized that to read those given pages i did have to read some before and some after.... you know what i mean.. I think you were in my A&P class last fall..... if it is Heather..... --------'s.. I used to sit right in the front bench... actually I think when you didnt get your SI notes....I forwarded it to you (this is just to remind you who I am) I think even though we are in different class we should keep in touch either here or through email , to support or help out with our suggestion and problems..
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