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Im thinking of enrolling in the lpn program through Oakland University and I wanted to know if there is anyone who is in the program, how is the the program and do you think that its a good school.... Read More

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    Good luck D3 keep us posted!
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    Im a student in the LPN program at riverview. Every nursing program is hard but this ones a little harder mostly cuz of the teachers lack of effort. They really rest on their laurels. A typical lecture will involve a teacher reading off keypoints of chaper from slides (writen by the auther of the textbook). Not much more then that. At times when the instructior hasent had time to letcure, we just learned it on our own. Everyones real nice, and if you ask for help they will give it to you but most of the time you'll need to give 150% to make up for the instructors 50%.
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    Detroit , thats sounds like A&P to me. Is that part of your coursework or a pre-req?
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    I received a conformation e-mail saying they received my application. I was hoping you could tell me how many students they accept. And as far as funding for the program what options do they have for tuition besides no worker left behind? since you cannot use federal student aid (fasfa grants) to pay for the program
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    I think like 30-40 most of us used no worker left behind sign up for that. It paid for most of the program
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    What are the clinicals like? are they hard???
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    They are not easy, Im a CNA and have training, so its real easy for me, but people do ok with the clinicals
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    hey ladies, this sounds like a program that i can handle . what is the email address so i can contact this school. like d3 said "i'm just about at the end of my rope as well". i've checked a number of programs and i'm currently enrolled in a program, but i failed a class in my second year and now i'm waiting to reenter the program. i've been waiting for a year and i was told that i "might" be getting back in into the program in january,but there's no promises . so if i could get that information i would appreciated greatly.

    thank you,
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    I've also applied this pass August for the September 1st cutoff. Im waiting to see if they will accept me. I have all the requirements, plus some. I just hope they let me in. I wonder if they have a bridge program for LPN to RN at the school. And do anyone know the passing rate for the state board's test for this program.
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    i got in. Received a call today saying that I was accepted. So excited So many emotions running through right now.
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    do u have a contact number for classes @ riverview hospital.
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    I just got accepted to the Oakland University LPN program. Yes they do have a payment plan.My question is anyone in this particular program now? Can you give me any heads up? I've been trying to get in a nursing program for years. Do anyone know if there is any difference in hiring LPNs based on where they graduated from. I seen a lot of post saying that LPNs are having a hard time finding a job.