need help to make next step because I was excluded for nursing program....

  1. I got accepted to the nursing school at Wayne state university. This year and everything thing was going great, but then I had a surgery during my finals. This was the reason I couldn't able to do really good for all of my finals. So I had C- in my classes. I talked to my adviser and she said I was excluded. Now I don't know what step to take and I believe could a done well and go to my next semester.

    What are the chance for me to get accepted again to nursing school in different university like Oakland university, Marygrove or university of Detroit mercy?

    or should I go to LPN school and then go to BSN to show that I really want to go to nursing program of BSN?
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  3. by   sandy moor
    please leave a comment which help me a lot and I will appreciate it
  4. by   ORoxyO
    Sorry you haven't gotten any responses, but we probably can't help you much. You need to contact the schools you would like to transfer to and talk to their nursing/admissions advisors. We would just be guessing. Good luck.
  5. by   garykent
    If you are determined, then you will find a way. Be confident, explore your options and don't give up.
  6. by   Nicole1354
    I go to Oakland University and I just started the nursing program last week. I was on a wait list for 3 years before getting accepted to the program. So if your in a rush to graduate I would not recommend OU.
  7. by   sandy moor
    thank you everyone.... I will make appointment and talk each university advisor. I wanted to go with marygrove that is connected with Oakland university for CD2, but I am not sure if they have waiting list. I know its going to take a while to go back again into the nursing program because I have to take some of the course all over again because some university require students to take particular credit in their university. I Also want to know how intense is that program and what is the minimum grade that the student have to maintain like is it 75%
  8. by   jakeMIKY
    If you're concerned about minimum grades to graduate I would suggest you search for another profession. I do not mean to sound harsh, but nursing is not for those who can barely pass.
  9. by   elkpark
    Have you spoken to the nursing folks at Wayne State about whether you can return? It's not uncommon for people to have to withdraw, or fail a particular term, because they had a medical issue during the semester, and sometimes you are able to return to the program and continue once the health issues are resolved. If they won't even talk to you about coming back, that suggests to me that there was other stuff going on besides just your surgery.

    If you were in the actual nursing courses of the program, rather than just doing prerequisite courses, it is often v. hard to transfer nursing courses from one school to another, because every program is somewhat different.

    Best wishes.

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