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    I am a new RN-BSN in Michigan. I was told that you need 25 CEUs (and one in pain management) for each renewal period (2 years). Some of the nurses on my unit use a website/pamphlet that guarantees your 25 hours. Just wondering if anyone knows the website to get this information?

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    Nurse.com has one of the best CE programs out there: http://ce.nurse.com/

    My facility provides FREE CE through their section CE Direct ....look to see if your facility listed: https://lms.nurse.com/
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    They may be talking about this... http://www.westernschools.com/ and click in your state and discipline, then they will mail you a book of the available CEU's. You then pick what you want, pay for it and they mail you the book and the post test, mail it back and they send you your CEU certificate.
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    I did Western Schools for years, too expensive and too long. Go here... $34.95 unlimited CEU's for a year. RN.com Limited offer March 1- 31, 2013 2 years unlimited, 2 days left lol. You can keep the windows open and go back for review. It also has the required states courses.

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