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Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has registered to take their HESI in the fall and are planning to apply to Macomb's nursing program for the 2013 admission cycle! Let me know!... Read More

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    The wait is killer. Hoping we get letters soon! Hopefully three more weeks!
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    I want to say it was mid April when we received the letter with our score and GPA. And it was the end of April beginning of may when acceptance letters were out
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    Even once we get our letters, I've been told that you wait for something else, then wait for something else. I feel like a crazy person because I love summer but I just want to skip past it this year!!!
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    I totally Understand the feeling. I cannot wait for the letters. I wish there was away to find out how many People applied! I have heard that "less" Students applied this year than past but what does that really mean? Who knows if that 's true or wishful thinking...
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    Hi guys!! I applied this year with a 4.0 and a 93% on my HESI.. Im hoping that I am one of the first 40 so I can start in August!

    Winterbebe- I noticed in an earlier post that you mentioned you had taken AP at Baker. I also did and was wondering how the classes transfered in? I saw in your post that you had an issue about this.. However I recieved an A in each class thats why im assuming my GPA is a 4.0 but the advisors are never able to answer me when I ask if my grade weighted differently because AP is 2 semesters.. Do you know anything about this?? Thanks!!!
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    Oh and winterbebe enrollment told me over 600 applied this year but they (obviously) dont know how many are ranked yet
    I was reading more into your all posts and are we going to recieve a letter with our GPA and hesi score!?

    Thanks again
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    From What I have been told A and P are weighted differently because of the amount of Credits it is worth at Baker Compared to at Macomb.NOW I have been told an A is an A which Seems to make sense. My problem was that I had an A in one but a B+ in the other so I have NO idea What MY GPA IS. Also Yes, you get a letter telling you What your ranking GPA is.
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    Quote from JessicaD92
    Oh and winterbebe enrollment told me over 600 applied this year but they (obviously) dont know how many are ranked yet
    I was reading more into your all posts and are we going to recieve a letter with our GPA and hesi score!?

    Thanks again
    600! What?! That does not make me feel good.
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    600?!?! That is insane! I thought in past years it was 3-400... Oh the anxiety...
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    hi ladies, i applied in feb as well, and i've been reading your posts for the last month! it' s helped me to know that others feel just as anxious as i do. i wish this waiting would hurry up! 600 applicants -wow. when i attended the nursing info seminar in january, the advisor said that in the past, as many as 800 students have applied to the program, but last year there were only 244 applicants. he thought that may have been because of the change in course requirements (A&P, micro., etc.,) i wonder if the 600 are a result of overflow from last years students that had to complete the prereqs and applied this year instead...
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    Here's to hoping 600 is wrong! I was hoping there would be the same or LESS than last year... has anyone else heard that Hesi scores are down? I was so optimistic a few minths ago, now im not so sure. Does anyone know if when you get your ranking GPA if the number of applicants ranked is on there?
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    from the info we received in the seminar (lol- yeah, i took some notes!), you get your ranking #1-#160. so we will know where we stand in relation to others from that number. i don't think they send out info about how many applied, but once everything is finalized, the counselors will have all those stats. not sure about the Hesi scores for this cycle, but last year, the average scores of the lowest 5 admitted students was 3.44 GPA and 87.7 Hesi. for 2011, the avg. of lowest 5 was 3.89 GPA and 83.8 Hesi. big difference in the two years! i don't know if that helps at all...
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    600 wow that's almost double from last year. I was feeling confident as well now not so much. That's a lot.