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Well, another year means another time for more score updates. I am getting ready to take my HESI in a couple weeks to apply for the 2012 Nursing Program and I must say I am really beginning to get... Read More

  1. by   percheron
    I applied last week with a 3.65 GPA and 94 on the HESI. I feel ok about my HESI score, but my B+ in A&P really lowered my GPA. Hopefully I will make the cut.

    Please post your scores if you haven't already. It's nice to see dialogue on this board until we find out if we're in or not.
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  2. by   su85
    I applied with a 3.7 and an 89 on the hesi. I am super nervous and just hoping to get any start date. Good luck to everyoneeeeeee!!
  3. by   kc0320
    I have a 3.8 GPA but my HESI score is really bad well really bad to try to get into the program it was 82 I just didn't do good on it but I can still hope and keep my fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone!!
  4. by   Jag10000
    Good luck!! You never know. It all depends on how many people apply and what their grades are. Your GPA is really good! Let's all keep our fingers crossed!
  5. by   kc0320
    Thx!!! Good luck to everyone. I wonder how many people are applying this year
  6. by   su85
    I have a question that's a little off topic. But I applied to the program and am waiting to see if I got in. Anyways are people able to work while in it? I am hoping to do so. I currently work Mon through Friday. What are class schedules like. What kind of jobs do students have while in the program?
  7. by   kc0320
    I have a friend in the program and currently she does not work. She just started and she is in school 3 days a week but I don't know how much she needs to study. I hope this helps a little. I will ask her to look on here and see if she can comment.
  8. by   nurseintraining33
    Anyone hear any word on how many people applied this year? Seems like last year they were able to find out before the letters went out.

    As far as the working thing, I'm pretty sure I remember the Intro to Nursing teacher tell us more people work than don't. I doubt it'll be as easy to work a full time 9-5 just due to schedules of classes/labs but if you have a flexible work schedule I'm sure it's possible.
  9. by   kc0320
    they had a ton of info on the program and working in the hesi 2011 topic and i read that it was possible but i agree with rnstudenthpfl that it would be hard to hold down a 9 - 5 job it would have to be very flexible
  10. by   nlr5939
    1 year ago I was in the same boat, on here all the time checking if any knew anything! I got in with a 3.78 and a 88.5 on the hesi. I originally had an Jan start but then got bumped up to Oct due to the fact that there were many people that hadn't taken HHSC yet. I was ranked 109. I hope this relieves some of your nerves. Believe me, I had plenty of those!!!
    The program is intense with nerves and emotions, not hard if you study but you study all the time, in fact review an NCLEX book before you start it helps a ton!!

    The first quarter is 4 days a week, I only work 2 days now. The second quarter is 3 days, and the 3rd quarter is 4 days (Mon & thrus 9-12, Tues/Wed 7-3) just to give you an idea. There is plenty of homework during clinicals.

    It is well worth it, I love it!!

    Good luck to all of you! PS we got our letters on April 25 (ish)
  11. by   su85
    Thank u so much nlr5939 I appreciate all of the info and advice people have been putting on here. It is so stressful waiting to hear if I got in but it helps to hear from people that know what it felt like.
  12. by   nurseintraining33
    Did everyone get their GPA/Ranking Composite letter today? Looks like ranking starts April 19. Ugh, I can't wait any longer!! We need to get this thread more active, where the heck are all the applicants this year???
  13. by   Jag10000
    Yes, I got that letter today. I can't wait until we find out. It is nerve racking!! Good luck to everyone!