LCC 2013 Applicant Roll Call - page 2

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OK, in 3 1/2 more weeks I am finally DONE with all my pre-reqs....yay!!!! :D Who else is applying in January? (March 1st deadline) I am hoping with all my might that I get accepted. My cum. GPA is 3.6, but my pre-req GPA... Read More

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    Well, the deadline was Friday. How many of us got in our applications?

    The waiting game begins (insert Jeopardy theme here....)
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    Did everyone get their points confirmation letter yet? I wish they could just tell us now instead of waiting until April! Time feels like it's dragging by very slowly. I sure hope we ALL get good news
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    Hi! Got my confirmation letter end of February. Time is definitely dragging!! It's driving me crazy lol.. I wish it didn't take this long!
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    I wonder what the points cut off will be this year?
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    I'm hoping the point cut off is not really high. The suspense is killing me!! ��
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    I have heard rumors that they expect it to be lower this year than last year...but I'll believe it when I see it!!!

    Doesn't it feel like the days are D-R-A-G-G-I-N-G by sooooooo S-L-O-W??
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    Wow!! That would be crazy! Sounds to good too be true...but we will have to wait and see! Ugh!! Is it April already
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    Yeah, I'm not getting my hopes up that the rumor is true. I think it's just a lot of wishful thinking amongst people at school

    11 more days until April. Then more waiting...AARRGGHH!!!
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    When do you all think acceptance letters will go out? I sure hope it's next week. But, I'll bet they won't come out until the week of the 22nd. Hoping we ALL get good news!!!
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    I sure hope we get them next week!!! That would be the best birthday gift ever!! I was told we wouldn't receive letters till the third week of April it's taking way too long!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for good news
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