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Hi! I was wondering if anyone was planning on applying to the ADN program at Jackson Community College in May for fall of 2011. I am just finishing up one pre-requisite and I have to take the HESI exam in May and then fill out... Read More

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    Yeah I am thinking of checking out LCC too. They changed their point system a little bit which I think helps students out. I took some pre-requisites there too. I just needed to take Pharmacology and then I could apply for their accelerated ADN program for fall 2012. I'm just trying to take each day one at a time and see what hapens! I am going to get on schoolcrafts waitlist too, but that could take 3 to 4 years to start, that is the only bad thing.

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    I got my acceptance letter into JCC for fall 2011!
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    Okay, I know I don't know you but....I've obviously been on the same forums as you and followed many trheads you've been on so when I saw this I just clicked because I'm avoiding studying right now and saw this!!! I'm so happy for you, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! And you will be starting so soon, its so exciting
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    Yes I do recognize you too!!!! I was excited too, couldn't believe it really. I believe I was talking to you on the Madonna discussion board since I was going to apply there too.
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    I am happy for you, MB. I know you also looked at EMU, which is where I am going. I knew that you'd find a spot because you have been working so hard at this! Good luck to you!
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    Thank you very much MICHRNTOB! It has been a long journey and I am just excited to finally get accepted! My friend just graduated from the accelerated BSN program at EMU and she liked their program. Good luck to you too!!
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    CONGRATS MB!! I know a couple others that are going to be starting the same time you do! I am also excited because I feel like there is hope for me getting in, since my points will be around what theirs were. So happy for you! I can only imagine how you feel!
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    I was so surprised when I saw that letter, I couldn't believe it myself! It didn't seem real until I sent the paperwork back in the mail stating I will attend in the fall. Congratulations to your friends who go in! It will be interesting to know more about the program in July at orientation.
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    Hey MB congradulations! I'm a tutor at JCC and I will be graduating from the ADN program next May so if you have any more questions I'll be happy to help you. I'm glad you got in! Get ready for the craziest 8 weeks of your life come end of August . You can do it though.
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    p.s. the lowest number of points to get in in my class was 63. It's not always as competitive as they talk it up to be .

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