Im desperate for help, Med-Surg 2 OCC

  1. Please help me! I am a straight A student until today. I work very hard and studying so much and I think I failed my first Med-Surg 2 exam today. I look back and cant think of much else I could have done differently. Im in panic mode. Im at OCC. How could this happen to me overnight, A one day and fail the next? Pm me if you can give any advice. If I dont pass this class my life is going to be pretty much wrecked. I have no other degree or job skills to back me up and Ive about run out of money. I dont even know if I can come back for a second try next year.
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  3. by   OB-nurse2013
    I wish I could say something to help!!!! I'm in Med/Surg 2 as well but I'm at a different school What was your first test on? What book are you using?
  4. by   Despareux
    Many schools allow for a second chance. This is something you should probably find out. Have you discussed your concerns with your instructor(s)? Many instructors will go over your tests with you to find where your weaknesses lie. As you move up in nursing education, the questions require more critical thinking. Maybe your test taking strategies could use a little tune-up.

    I can relate to what your are feeling. It's not a good feeling and can be down right scary; especially considering the time and money invested in nursing school.

    I wish I can give you a clear-cut answer. But I really think discussing your concerns with your instructor will help.
  5. by   Anne36
    Bless you for answering so quickly, I am clearly very stressed out. We can fail and get one more chance. I just dont know why I should fail when I get all A's. I need to know what Im doing wrong.Test taking strategies for nursing test when you dont know the answer. Do you know where I can find help with that? Is there some kind of method? Help me prioritize!

    Our first exam was on Cardiac,Respiratory and Renal. I knew a ton that was not on the exam. It was the questions that I could not possibly study for that I am getting wrong. the book is med-surg nursing Lewis. Read the book, but you cant remember 100 pages of reading. That is what lecture and powerpoints are there for. Only there are not enough questions on the content alone to pass.
  6. by   OB-nurse2013
    No I agree, you have to figure out what they are going to focus which is something I kind of started to get the hang off last semester. I don't know how much this will help but this is what I do. First I always use ear plugs and sit in the corner. Second if theres a question I dont have a clue on I try to calmy think about it see if theres any info about it I do know and thus can eliminate some answers. I also always think (depending on the question) ABC's, Maslows, or safety safety safety. I also think about the nursing process and that order, so for example its a question about a pt and a condition I'm not positive on and asking what you're going to do then I'm going to look for an answer regarding assessing or assessing airway or so on. I don't know if this is any help. I'm sure you already know this but thats my only help I can think of. We use a different book unfortunately. Nursing school is so stressful and I'm in somewhat of similar boat with little ones at home. Its very hard I've done a lot a lot of crying One test won't fail you though, right???
  7. by   Despareux
    I'm in my last semester of school and JUST learned better test taking and studying strategies. I SO wish this was something I learned BEFORE entering nursing school. My current M/S III instructor sat with me and showed me some really good techniques. For test taking, read the entire question first, then circle only pertinent information and cross out all the rest of the nonessential words. Next, read your options for answers. Cross out the choices that you know would never apply. So now, you're probably left with two answers and need to pick the best answer. This is where I always remember my ABC's, as those are generally going to be first priority. If ABC's doesn't pertain to the question, I think of care plan PRIORITY diagnosis and outcomes. Generally, your outcomes are going to consist of stopping or preventing your actual nursing dx. One of the things I have noticed about most disease processes is that, most diseases (especially secondary) result from decreased oxygen. There is a beginning to the process and an end to the process; it is systematic. For example, even though diabetes is not a result of hypoxia, there are secondary dx that result from diabetes as a result of vessel damage. What happens if vessels are damaged? Are there compensatory mechanisms? What are they and what happens to the body as a whole? What would be a priority nursing dx and associated interventions? If that isn't working, then I may have to contact the physician. Of course this strategy doesn't always apply to every question, but it is working for me and my grades have improved and my stress level has decreased during testing.

    I hope this helps.
  8. by   Anne36
    Thank you that does help. I just found out my grade and I just passed! Im happy not to fail but I have never had a grade so low. Its very nervewracking. I really need to bring up my score or the final exam is going to wreck me.
  9. by   2012LVN :)
    im currently in medsurg 2...too! its horrible! our first exam 3/38 passed....typically majority of our class passes. our instructor seems to have zero knowledge on the material ...sorry that was way ifg lol....but congratulations on passing i failed my first test by 1 question....i knew exactly what question it was because i changed my answer! I BEAT MYSELF Up about it im 22 with 4 kids; 7,5,3,1 so i cant afford to fail.....goodluck with the rest of school!!!

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