I REALLY need some direction from Mi RN's!

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    well, it looks like i am moving to michigan as soon as i can secure gainful employment as an rn. i am working in florida prn on tele floor and making great money because i regularly work (4) 12 hr shifts with per diem pay ($34/hr) and overtime after 40 hours. any chances of finding a floor that likes to overwork its prn nurses to such a lucrative degree? lol! i am moving to northville and would love to find something close by that is similar to what i am used to, but am willing to learn new skills too (have even thought of agency or travel). anyone have any words of wisdom? insider tips? please someone tell me where i should begin my search.
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  3. by   Anne36
    Its too bad you cant stay where you are, if you are working and making good money. I have not heard a ton of postive feedback as far as the job market, Mia. Does anyone know exactly what the job market is like right now? Sorry, but I always am dumbfounded when I hear of people who are moving to Michigan. We are the only state in the entire country who actually lost population in the last census and if you lived here you would not wonder why.
  4. by   lotusgirl1
    Try Providence park hospital in Novi. They have many different per diem options...some paying as high as $50/hr. But you have to travel for those. I believe the float RNs in the hospital made $38-42/hour depending on experience. The St John Providence health system is one of the highest paying in the state. Avoid the DMC if you are looking to make money.

    Just know that MI's economy is very bad right now. Crime has increased because of this. I've lived here all my life. But I will be moving in a few days to another state. One, because my husband can't find work. Two, because my neighborhood is not safe anymore. And I live in a very nice area. There has been so many foreclosures that people are buying up houses that would normally be sold for $180K and up for $30 - 50K. As of now, Northville is ok. But my neighborhood was sought after less than a year ago and now it's one step away from ghetto. Our local goevernment is so broke that they couldn't afford to plow and salt the roads this last winter. There were a few snow storms that they didn't plow for days and by then it had turned to a sheet of ice. And now we are dealing with the pot holes. Which of course, there is no money in the budget to fix. Makes driving fun. It's like an obstacle course. There was a 12 year old girl who took a neighbor's gun and held up a party store in Milford because she thought she could get money to help her mom make her mortgage payment so they wouldn't get evicted. There was a bank in Davisburg that got held up by a guy who was just trying to get money so his family could get food and the power turned back on. A young couple beat up and elderly woman in Farmington to get money so they wouldn't be kicked out of their apartment because they both have been out of work for over a year. I could go on, but it saddens me so much that the State that I have loved for all my life is turning into a living Hell.
  5. by   MuddaMia
    wow Lotus...thats depressing! Where do you live? I grew up in NW Detroit (Rosedale Park). I cant imagine that the economy isn't going to turn around eventually,right? I have been thinking of buying my parents townhouse in Northville. I can get a good price (they like me and afford to live in a great school district ,which is my main objective (soon to be single mom of 4). So....I have a cheap place to live in a great community and get the heck out of Florida where I know I will never be happy, so I have set my sights on Northville. I like my version better than yours (LOL I am kidding, I really appreciate all responses!)
  6. by   MuddaMia
    Ugh...someone else tell me its not that bad...please?
  7. by   Sirena922
    Quote from MuddaMia
    Ugh...someone else tell me its not that bad...please?
    Im sorry but I have to agree with the above poster! I was born & raised her for 40 years, and its a mess. I myself work for the public school system, and if you've been looking at the news you know that we are in dire straits around these parts. Now Northville is a nice community as far as I know, but Michigan as a whole is not a place I would move to. As a matter of fact, I myself would love to move away from here. If you can find work, then you'd be lucky, but it will be a long time before Michigan turns around again. Its sad, I'd never thought things could get this bad with jobs lost and foreclosures! Whole neighborhoods are abandoned. Good luck to you.
  8. by   vivicaq
    find a per diem job then sign a travel contract. You will be ok.
  9. by   HealthyNurse
    Quote from MuddaMia
    Ugh...someone else tell me its not that bad...please?
    I don't think that it's that bad. I'm not originally from Michigan, but I moved here 5 years ago. Certainly, the economy has gotten worse in the last few years, but I've also found that to be the case in most states. For the most part, you should not have a difficult time finding employment in SE MI as an experienced nurse. There are several large hospital systems relatively close to Northville- Providence Park Novi (part of St. John's), Henry Ford Health System (new hospital in West Bloomfield and several others in SE MI), University of Michigan, St. Joe's in Ann Arbor, St. Mary's in Livonia, DMC Huron Valley in West Bloomfield.

    Northville is a very nice town and I would not feel unsafe there. I still think that SE MI has a lot to offer in the form of shopping and entertainment. The winters are horrible though, there is no getting around that.
  10. by   vivicaq
    There are plenty of jobs in SE Michigan, don't be afraid. CRI and MSN have several contracts with guaranteed hours. You will do well, have faith.
  11. by   jacks76
    U of M is on a hospital wide hiring freeze right now. Only doing internal applications right now
  12. by   vivicaq
    PM and i will give you info
  13. by   wts82
    You can try St. John's flex program. I also know for a fact that St. John Oakland is looking for tele and med surg nurses.
  14. by   TigerBlood01
    I highly recommend that you stay where you're at if you're making good money and have a job. PRN jobs are not very plentiful right now. Michigan has one of the worst economies in the country. Driving through Detroit is like going through a war torn country. Foreclosed, abandoned and vandalized buildings everywhere and people walking around with a haunted and lost look in their eyes downtown.

    Like the other posters said, crime is increasing in many areas where it was considered safe to live a year ago. Drug abuse is rampant and the state is making budget cuts everywhere. Teachers, firemen, police officers, ect are getting laid off and becoming unemployed. The quality of education is getting worse with students getting less money this year. Nurses that are close to retirement or should be retired are hanging on to their jobs for dear life because their husbands got laid off, especially if they worked for the automobile industry. Hospitals are putting on hiring freezes like U-M. I plan to move soon as well. It is very depressing living here and it has become a struggle to survive even with a Master's degree in nursing and qualified as a Psych NP. Sorry to sound so negative, but it is better to know the real situation before investing time, energy, and money moving to a dying state.

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