HFCC Winter 09

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    Has anyone heard when the letters are going out for the winter semester? Has anyone gotten one yet?

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    I was wondering the same thing. I am chomping at the bit to get that letter.
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    Don't hold your breath...I got in last winter...I found out in December I believe...maybe the last week of November. I had 2 weeks to get all the info in. There was actually people who never got a letter...they just a phone call ha. They were very last minute accepted people.
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    Keep in mind too to have as much of your paperwork/immunizations done or close to done. This includes your BLS requirement, TB test and Hep B series (you can opt out of that one if you wish- I wouldn't recommend it for safety reasons).

    I was accepted to Henry Ford Hospital's program but couldn't do it because I still had some requirements to complete and they gave very little notice.

    I hope you get your letter soon~
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    Make sure you touch base with Lorraine and Michelle at HFCC if you haven't already. Students with wait list dates of 12/17/07 and later could potentially be in a position to wait until Fall of 09 for a seat. You are on what we call the "bubble" meaning your invitation could be for Winter 09, or Fall 09 depending on how many of those invited before you decline a Winter 09 invitation. We would like to see you in our office to verify your status and keep you accurately informed. Lp
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    Quote from lilhibs
    Has anyone heard when the letters are going out for the winter semester? Has anyone gotten one yet?
    Got mine today.
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    I just talked to Anna today and she told me the very same thing. What are the odds that two people won't accept and I'll get in????? Good I hope, I'll just cry if I have to wait till next August.
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    Congratulations Tonya!!
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    Call the office and ask where you are on the wait list and the secretaries will TOTALLY tell you whether you should be expecting a letter or not based on your number on the list. If you're on the bubble, they'll tell you that too... Just be nice and remember that they have a lot of work to do, ESPECIALLY right around now. Honey gets more flies than vinegar.

    When you DO get your letter, you'll go to your orientation with Katherine Howe and then find out all the stuff you have to do before the winter semester begins. It's a LOT of stuff. Immunizations, Insurance, Physicals, Tests... blah blah blah, so be prepped to make a couple of appointments if you're a busy person.
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    OMG, I got in too for Winter 09....I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time!!!!!!! We are about to begin the journey of a lifetime OMG, I hope I'm prepared!

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