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Hi everyone, Was curious to see if anyone is applying for Henry fords fall program for 2017. Any current students in the program that can offer any tips or advice? Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   FutureRNur
    Hello, do you know anyone who got in the program with points lower than 60?
  2. by   dede93
    I'm going to use a MacBook Air and a iPad.. I think the iPad will better for ebooks. But I would definitely have a laptop too as well for paperwork.
  3. by   camistar85
    Hello, I dont apply until Jan of 18 but I wanted to know if anyone has an idea of what the schedule is like? Trying to see if i'll be able to work.
  4. by   dede93
    They recommend you don't work or work as little as possible. Classes for your first semester are three days a week. If you speak with ------------------ she should explain the courses for you.
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  5. by   tabssy
    Hey! I applied to the Jan 2018 program as well. Did you hear back at all?
  6. by   fadia123
    I applied August 15th but didn't hear anything yet.
  7. by   tabssy
    Me too. They said mid-end of September we should find out. Hoping for the best!
  8. by   FutureRNur
    Hello, how many points did you guys end up with before you applied?
  9. by   Ma2nr
    I got 65 points and I applied last month for winter 2018 semester.
  10. by   tabssy
    I got 53 if I calculated everything correct
  11. by   tabssy
    Check your emails!
  12. by   Hannah1999
    hello everyone,

    I hope all is well. now that you are in the middle of your first semester of the nursing school, I like to ask if you can give us (January cohort) some insight on how it is so far, any advice, any thing that you think it would be helpful. thanks in advance and wish you all the best.
  13. by   nursingjin
    Hi Everyone,

    Hope all is well. I just have a question regarding clinical shoes for men. Is it acceptable to wear Nike (black) shoes instead of the Dickies which the school recommended?

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