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Hi all! Any students or nurses who went to or graduated from Grand Rapids Community College or the west side of the state? I lurk around on here often but really only see posts from the east side or sometimes northern MI. Just... Read More

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    Hi All,

    I was glad to see someone from the GR area. I have been on the waiting list at GRCC now for 2 years (LPN program) and my seat has finally come open, I start this Winter 2011 semester (January 7th).

    I decided that it would be quicker, as far as wait lists go, to complete the LPN first. Also, I figured I could get my LPN, work for short time, as I can't be unemployed for 2 years to complete the RN program from start to finish, and then either return part-time to GRCC for their advance standing LPN-RN program or attend Monroe Community College's LPN-RN program online (thru MCCVLC).

    In my opinion, I will still graduate very close to the same time a new RN student would, but gain the advantage of being able to work in between, gain experience which I hope translates into a little help during school etc.

    Hopefully there are more of us out here, I am really starting to get nervous!!

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