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    I've noticed many schools in my area require a 2.7 minimum gpa... But after speaking to admissions they say 'well most students have a 3.8 (or higher) and nobody with anything lower gets accepted'. This is very conflicting information. Can people just post what their gpa was when applying to nursing school? I currently have a 2.6. I obtained this stunning gpa in college ten years ago when I didn't know what to do with my life. Now nursing is my goal and i know I will do well now that I actually plan on TYRING. it almost seems impossible at this point though since my gpa is so low and i already attempted almost 30 credits so long ago.

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    Most schools will have an official minimum GPA but depending on the competition it will have to be much higher to get in.
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    It depends on how the school runs admissions. If the nursing program accepts all who meet the minimum requirements but place you on a waiting list then getting a 2.7 is just fine. If they school ranks you and either accepts or rejects you each cycle then you will need to be more competitive.

    Many people are in the same situation as you. Take some prereqs and work hard. It will lift your numbers.
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    Take the prerequisites and do really well. I had a lower gpa like you and it hasn't changed much even after 60 post bacc credits at a 3.85 gpa, but I had a lot of undergrad credits and retakes. Don't be discouraged because some programs weigh the prerequisites the heaviest, and some look at only the lat 30 hours. Find out the requirements first and go from there.
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    I got accepted into MCCC with an overall GPA of 3.29. But they are based off a point system. So along with the points I earned from my GPA, I also earned points for my grades in basic Bio, Chem, ACT score & completing A&P I & II.
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    Good luck, might wanna go ask jeb bush his opinion since your so pro-bush!
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    I was accepted into my school with a GPA of 3.9
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    Quote from jlc7
    I was accepted into my school with a GPA of 3.9
    So what are you trying to say?
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