Eastern Michigan University Accelerated BSN Fall 2011

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone was applying to Eastern Michigan's Accelerated BSN program in May 2011 to start in the fall of 2011?
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  3. by   Sirena922
    Where do you get information about the program? Do you have a link for them?
  4. by   MelBell2005
    Hi! I have the nursing department web site link

    If you go to the quick links drop down on the right side of the page and you can select BSN and that will give you more information on their nursing program.
  5. by   emuNurseRambo
    I submitted my application for the 2nd bachelors program a few weeks ago. I took all of the prerequisites at EMU and have a 4.0 gpa. I also have all 20 points from the TEAS test. Don't have any health care experience. I worked hard to earn this opportunity and hope to make the cut.

    If I do get accepted I am not sure what happens next. I know there is a background check but do I need to take a physical or drug test? When do classes begin? I have heard that if you are selected there are some required activities in August.

    Any guidance about what happens once you are accepted is appreciated.
  6. by   mohi
    Hi Everyone,

    I am waiting for the letter too. please update if you get anything from EMU. Thanks.

  7. by   emuNurseRambo
    I received my acceptance letter yesterday. Good luck to all!
  8. by   MelBell2005
    Congratulations on your acceptance! I am thinking of applying next year. Its been a couple of years since I have been to an information session, so I am thinking of going to one this summer. I know they have a point system, but I was just curious how many points a person needs to be competitive.
  9. by   Tommy2001

    If you haven't taken any classes at EMU forget it. I tried last year with a 4.0 and didn't get in. I transfered to EMU and took the pre reqs over and got in for this Fall. If your not at EMU my advice is you should transfer.
  10. by   mohi
    HI Tommy,

    Congratulations ! I have applied for this fall but didn't get in the program. I have 4.0 GPA and TEAS 15/20, and have health experience. I didn't take any class at EMU.

    Can you advise what should I do to get into the program at least next year. Please help me.

  11. by   mohi

    I would like to know how are you planing to earn more points to get into the program next year. I have applied this year with GPA 4.0 from LCC, TEAS 15/20 and have health experience. I didn't get in the program, so I am planing to work hard and try my luck next year.

    Where did you take classes ? How are you planing to earn more points ? Please discuss if you can.

  12. by   MelBell2005
    I tried for EMU for fall of 2009 and I was an alternate, there was only 2 of us who didn't get off the list. I kind of took a break from school and worked as a nursing assistant for awhile. I'm looking into other schools. I took 3 pre-requisites at EMU including there A&P sequence. I'm not sure how the point system works now as far as getting points for all of the pre-requisites or just for the science pre-requisites. Maybe getting healthcare experience, all of the TEAS points, and taking pre-requisites at EMU would increase the chances of getting accepted. When I applied, it was a weird year, not as many applicants as normal, therefore, my friend got in without any pre-requisites taken at EMU, but she got all of the other points.
  13. by   Tommy2001

    Sorry to hear about that. Last year I was in your shoes. I remember reading my rejection letter over and over. I felt horrible and I thought I have a 4.0 what else do I need to prove? This is my advice to you. The year will fly. If nursing is what you want to do then you will do what it takes. The point system works like this. Every credit hour you take you get a point, so even if you have say a 3.6,3.8 but have taken your pre reqs at EMU your in better position than a 4.0 transfer student. I transfered to EMU for the winter semester and re-took sociology, psychology, stats, life span and english. I made sure I had all TEAS points. I got A's in all these classes again. This gave me enough points into the 160's to get in. Historically over the past few years the cut off is in the 150's. I know its horrible to think you have to take classes over you already have A's in, but it was an easy semester and it got me to my goal. There is a graduate advisor named ------ who advises for pre nursing students. Make an appointmant to see her she will tell you exactly what you need to do for next year. So this is what I would do.
    1. Re-take at least the pre reqs I mentioned. I would stay away from chem or A&P it may be a gamble.
    2. Re-take TEAS go to the TEAS website get the study guide and take the online pretest. You need all these points!
    3. Make an appointment to see Katie in academic advising (nursing). Listen to her.
    4. Keep a good attitude and stay motivated towards your goal. "You were mean't to be a nurse nothing will stop you."
    5. Finally, I will see you next Fall because you will get in.
    I know a lot of people refused to take classes over. Guess what a short year later their still complaining and I've reached the goal. Take them over its worth it.
    I will help you with teachers if you choose to take them over. EMU is a great school I really enjoyed last semester. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. tvasko@emich.edu
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  14. by   mohi
    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. You message is very inspiring to me. I am planning to take few courses in Winter 2012 semester. I will definitely ask you if I need any help from you. Thanks again.