Does MI have a mandated nurse to patio staffing ratio in place?

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    I work midnights on a busy med/srg gerontological unit with 29 beds and in the past few months we have had 6 RN's leave, and coming in MAY another will be going on maternity leave. Plus we are getting yelled at about OT b/c we have so many pts. to chart on and staffing rarely covers our needs. I was wondering if there was a state mandated nurse/patient ratio law in MI b/c we are up to about 8-9 pts. each a night (7 plus one or two admissions.) I beg someone to find this information/link for me whether there is one or not. I have been looking but cannot find anything. I understand they have this in California which is awesome, but it seems our hospital is putting profit before patients and employees. Please help I am so overwhelmed and tired.nurse::zzzzz

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    No Michigan does not have mandatory nurse to patient ratios.
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    No state has mandated ratios except California
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    Michigan does not have legislation for this yet, but there are a couple new bills going to the House and Senate that may change that. You can search HB 5426 and SB 1019 to learn more about it and how to contact lawmakers (if you wish).
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    And you know what happened in California? Many hospitals eliminated PCTs, so nurses were responsible for total care.

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