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    Hi everyone,

    I am a new RN who just accepted a position at Sinai Grace in the MICU. Has anyone worked there before? I have a year of ICU experience, but I think this will be a better learning experience. Can anyone tell me about the patients/working conditions, etc. Thanks!
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    I think one of my friend works in the SICU? Maybe even the MICU? I could ask her if she knows you, and if not I can hook you guys up together

    Just let me know.
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    Thanks but she won't know me--I don't start until the next orientation, which is end of August. Does your friend like working there? How long has she been at the hospital for? Thanks.
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    send me your e-mail address and i will give it to her so she can let you know what to expect.
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    PennyLane may I ask did you have any experience before getting your job? Did you pass your NCLEX yet? I passed my NCLEX last week and I do not have very much experience unfortunately. I have been applying to many jobs (including Sinai) and haven't received any calls. And what school did you go to? Thanks.
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    Yes, I worked a nurse tech for summer at St John Macomb on the Advanced Progressive Care Unit, and this past year I worked at Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center as a Nurse Intern in the ICU. I also did a 120 hour preceptorship at Henry Ford ER. I graduated from U of D. Are you having problems finding a job? I am so happy I got this one, I applied to a million and one places.
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    Yes I am having HUGE problems finding a job :-/
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    Where did you graduate from? did you work at all as a student?

    I know its discouraging, I was super frustrated, but just keep applying and following up with the managers and nurse recruiters and eventually you'll find something. This was the 5th interview I went on, and probably between the 200-300th job I'd applied for.
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    I graduated from Henry Ford. I tried getting a job as an extern but unfortunately the semester I started classes in (winter) didn't have a very good opportunity at getting extern positions (wasn't eligible for extern job until fall...most jobs offered in summer) I applied for almost 100 jobs last week alone. No calls :-/ I know I will find something eventually. I just wish I was getting calls back I only had 1 interview. (That was for a graduate nurse intern position a while ago)
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    hi pennylane,

    i know this forum is a little old, i know u said that u graduated from u of d. i am curretly in the second degree program. i have 2 semesters to go, just curious when did u start applying for jobs and were u able to choose you preceptorship? btw i don't know much about sinai, but i did one of my clinicals @ receiving & i loved it! the nursing staff was awsome & more than helpful. one thing i noticed was that there were a lot of grad nurses that worked there (wsu & uofd) so you should see many people there that are around the same age as you. not sure if this helps, but i did an orientation @ the dmc and was told that they are applying for magnet status and they would only hire rns w/ bsns. thanx in advance & congrats

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