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Discouraged about school - page 2

Hi :) I have been out of college 10 years, and after applying and acceptance to HFCC in Dearborn a year ago, I started taking classes this winter 2010 semester. I am trying to get what I need done... Read More

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    Thanks Ms Ashley. I will do my best, thats all I can do. I was relieved to discover that it wasnt just me. There were many others who didnt know the answers to the True/ False questions. Im just going to do my best. I think my biggest worry is that Im going to fail and let everyone down.
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    Quote from MsAshley
    I agree with you on this one. My plan is to apply at HFCC, OCC, MCC, and I never even thought about St. Clair. I don't want to stray too far away from hom though (I live in Detroit) Becuase I don't want to be panicked about getting to class in time from work or home. Mainly work since I do work full time. I have thought about just pursuing a BSN as well however I hear that the wait list for those programs as well is like 2-3 years. So it seems like everywhere you go these days is killer! Have you maybe considered going to Toledo? I hear that the wait is less there and thats not that far. At least not from me. its like an hour drive. May not be ideal but its a suggestion. Especially with the trouble we have here!
    There was recently a post on AN about this, and they said Toledo is even worse.
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    Ms Ashely, does Wayne State have an ADN program too, or just BSN? I'm a little biased, but I love WSU--got my first degree there. Also, what classes CAN you take towards a BSN while 'waiting' to get into a program? I was under the impression that most were coreqs with nursing classes that can't be taken until you're in a program. I am super-curious about this! :-) That'd be a great way to knock off a few classes while waiting to find out if I'm in a program or not! You may be onto something.... :-)
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    I am not sure asto what classes you could take wile waiting that would really be based upon which school u planned to attend. I wouldn't mind attending WSU however they only take about 70 people a year and they dont have an ADN program. I'm not too sure of what other places can even be considered at this point because everywhere has a waiting list. It is more like a luck option now.