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Hey Everyone, Davenport University has as everyone knows changed there Associate Nursing program is to now a BSN degree program! No problems there! I am however taking a Biostatistics class. Then I am taking a Chemistry... Read More

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    Hey! Anyone starting in Fall 2012??? I got my acceptance letter today! :spin:

    Current students, would love to hear from you all about the program and how it's going!
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    As did I! Congrats I too would like to know more about current students experiences in the BSN program!!!
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    Congrats, vm90!!!
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    I received my acceptance letter. I will be starting Fall 2012 at the Warren Campus. I'm both excited and nervous!
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    Congratulations, vannostrand!!!! I'll be with you at Warren!
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    thanks and congrats to you....looking forward to meeting you, I'm so nervous!
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    Hello, I am a Davenport Warren senior. I walked in commencement Sunday and will be finishing the program this summer.

    It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I had the disadvantage/advantage of being in the first cohort to go through the BSN-PL program at that campus.

    You will benefit from the adjustments made based on our experience which was occasionally haphazard, but again, consistently excellent. I wish you all the best.

    One word of advice: never forget that, as competitive as getting into NS is, you're lucky to be there. For every one of you, there are probably ten qualified candidates still beating their heads on the doors of various programs in our area.

    So...NO WHINING!


    Davenport (future) Alums Represent!
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    Hi Anoetos, about how long is the nursing program? Do they schedule the classes or do the student chose?
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    Once you're in the program, all your NURS classes are scheduled by your advisor. Any other, non-NURS classes you may have to take (Law/Ethics, Patho, Micro, etc) can be scheduled at your discretion.
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    I finished all my pre req's , I was wondering how many nursing classes can you take per semester?

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