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Hey Everyone, Davenport University has as everyone knows changed there Associate Nursing program is to now a BSN degree program! No problems there! I am however taking a Biostatistics class.... Read More

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    Hey Everyone,

    Man I have been trying to get on here, however I have been bogged with work and classes!
    Well I recieved my letter on Monday, and I was accepted

    Such a relief, as I was really wanting to make into this program! As well the stressful anticipation
    and wait for the letter, had to take at least a couple years off! After being misled by Bakers
    program, I really felt Davenport gave me at least a hopeful chance!

    Congratulations EVERYONE for making it in You all Truly Deserve It!
    I look forward to meeting and seeing you on June 23rd!

    Take Care, Persephone

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    Congratulations! You totally deserve it!!
    Look forward to meeting you in orientation!

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    I forgot if you plan on going to the doctor for a physical BEFORE orientation, WAIT, there is a form for medical clearance that you will get. Save yourself the trouble and money of paying for an office visit twice!


    Something like that is best. There was a black one that was really nice but I didn't see it on the website. When the School Store comes to campus during the semester they bring them.

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    Thanks for all your help DEEP!!! How far along are you in the program??? What does a typical schedule look like?? They mentioned in one of letter's enclosed, they recommend not working more than 16 hours a week at a job. How true is that, do you work?

    Persephone, I also went to Baker and was extremely dissapointed and they were so misleading. I'm actually grateful now that I was accepted at Baker. I think getting in at Davenport is where I am supposed to be!!! Wonder if we had classes together at Baker??
    Lilflygirl (future) BSN,RN hehehehehe
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    persephone 162 CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
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    As some of you already know I did not get accepted into the program neither did I get accepted in WCCCD. Both denial letters back to back was quite overwhelming but I refuse to let this stress me out. I have sent my application package out again with an attempt to get accepted in the LPN Program. At least this will open the door for me. Does anyone know what's expected in this area. The deadline for this application is May 14th. So wish me the best guys.

    and again
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    hello guys i was accepted also for the program but was chosen for the traditional track, which is kind of dissapointing. i tranferred over from baker and a couple of my classes weren't equivalent. i took math but it wasn't intermediate and i need cell biology, so im wondering why cant i just take these in the summer so i can start the fast track in the fall?
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    I am also in the second track, I am hopeful that I can take my remaining Gen Eds over next summer as well. I still have Patho and Chemistry for sciences too and am taking them over the fall and winter, then I should be pretty much caught up.

    In all, I hope to be able to complete the track in 5 more semesters but really, who even knows until we get our schedules at orientation...
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    Hey there Sante2487, I tranferred from Baker too. I'm currently taking Intermediate Algebra and Cell Biology. I took Chemistry, medical terminology, and Pharm at Baker but they didn't transfer. I'm scheduled to take Chemistry in the Fall. The Patho and Micro tranferred and I'm done with the Gen. Ed and the elective classes so I'm in pretty good shape, at least I thought I was. I was put on the traditional track. I can't figure out why, after this semester I will only need Chemistry. Am I missing something?
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    Promiseme1, I would assume maybe because Chemistry is a lab and a lecture and can be difficult for some people? I am not exactly sure. They might have just not wanted you to have a Chem lab/lect along with two other nursing class lab/lect plus clinicals.

    I guess I just don't see how that could make you go an entire year longer though. I was accepted into the accelerated track... and I don't even see how all of the classes will be completed on time lol. I guess we will see!
    I feel like they have a lot of people in different places as far as classes go, and that might be hard to coordinate everyone.

    Do you guys get financial aid? I was also worried that because the high cost and having to take so many credits at a time that financial aid is not going to cover it all (through loans and grants). I am hoping it will maybe increase! All I know is I do not have a few grand each semester to pay extra so I hope that is not the case.

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