Davenport Nursing Letters

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was curious if anyone has recieved their acceptance, or denial letters from Davenport University.. The wait is taking so long, and now going on three weeks is way to long.. I am crossing my fingers that I get in

    Take Care, Persephone
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  3. by   promiseme1
    haven't received anything just yet, I was told that the letters will be mailed out this coming week. I heard that the acceptance envelope is large opposed to the standard size for the denial letter, do you know if there is any truth to that?
  4. by   persephone162

    I have no clue to be honest with you.
    Good luck and hopefully we both have the large envelopes

    Take Care, Persephone
  5. by   promiseme1
    oh well, this waiting is driving me crazy. If there is such a shortage of nurses, why is it so difficult to get into the program? The selection process is better than some of the other schools that I have researched, it gives the committee some idea on what kind of person you are. I know a lot of people with a 4.0 and scored high on the TEAS, but many don't have the heart.
    Good Luck to all the us!
  6. by   lilflygirl111
    Hi, This is so hard waiting for letters to arrive!! I want to order books to start classes next week and can't till I get my letter of Acceptance or Rejection!! I'm hoping today is the day of arrival... I was told by an advisor, that the TEAS/HESI scores are used in a tie situation. I will post as soon as I receive my letter, my mail comes by 2pm.. Good luck to everyone!!
  7. by   promiseme1
    I hope I have some hair left after all this waiting. I am so nervous, what do you think large envelope, you're in, small envelope, you're out?

    What classes did you register for?
  8. by   promiseme1
    I'm a little confused . Does the Nursing classes start in the Fall? Not this semester, right?
  9. by   lilflygirl111
    Hi... classes for the Nursing Program start in the Fall, but I need to take Bio and Cultural Communications for the program if accepted.... I'm not going to take thme if I get a rejection letter... So frustrating!! I just wish I knew when exactly the letters are being sent out!
  10. by   lilflygirl111
    I'm not sure about the envelope thing?? That is how some schools do their letters. I'm new at DU and not sure how they send out letters. I do not know anyone attending Davenport either! I went to Baker and was 6 away from getting in their program. I have gotten two rejections from them and done with applying to Baker.... I also applied at macomb and in the ranking that will take place on April 26th. I have a 4.0 and it amazes me that I am unable to get into a Nursing Program!!
  11. by   promiseme1
    Are you kidding? I'm coming from Baker too! How did you not get in at Baker with a 4.0, that is crazy. How did you do on the TEAS?
    Mailman didn't have anything for me today!!!!!!!
  12. by   promiseme1
    I read that the letters will be sent out between the 8th and 10th week after receiving all the applications. This is the start of the 8th week. We may have to suffer for at least two weeks!!! I'm sure to be bald by then.
  13. by   lilflygirl111
    Hi, I took the HESI and scored an 80. Where did you read about the 8-10 weeks for letters? I was told by the Nursing Advisor last week, that the letters are being sent out this week. I sure hope so, because classes start next Monday and I will not take them if I get a rejection letter!! Like I said earlier, I need to order books for next week and waiting for letter before ordering. Do you know how long it takes to receive them after you order books? You didn't receive anything today ???
  14. by   promiseme1
    I read it on the nursing application, 1st or 2nd page, at the bottom. I ordered by books about three weeks ago, and received them two days later. I don't know if that is the norm, or maybe because I ordered them so earlier.
    And no I didn't receive anything today, I wanna cry.