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Hi Everyone, I was curious if anyone has recieved their acceptance, or denial letters from Davenport University.. The wait is taking so long, and now going on three weeks is way to long.. I am crossing my fingers that I get... Read More

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    congratulations randie, lilflygirl, promisemeone, aneotos, songerl, and samantha

    you all totally deserve it!

    now i will be attending the warren campus as i was accepted as well! how about you all?

    ohh i am soo excited and cannot wait to start the program! as well i look forward to meeting everyone in orientation. we will be having an adventurous couple years!

    take care, persephone162

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    So happy for you PERSEPHONE!!! I was wondering if you received an acceptance letter!! Look for to meeting you at Orientation June 23rd, !! Very excited..
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    Hey Lilflygirl,

    I am soo excited for both of us! It should be awesome!

    Thank you for the congratulations !!

    This is going to be an Awesome couple years!

    Take Care, Persephone
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    Quote from Randie Jo
    Hey everyone. Just letting you know, I did receive my acceptance letter today for the BSN program for Fall 2010 at the Warren Campus. I am so happy. Some info..just to let all know. I had a GPA of 3.7, I scored a 88 on the TEAS, my essay was good. and I had two recommendations from doctors that I work for. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
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    I'll be the old guy.
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    Hi Everyone: Can anyone explain to me this track one and track two concept? I don't get it
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    Hi promiseme...
    I was picked for Track 2 I'm very very happy about that. Not sure how they pick who is in what Track, I met a gal since starting here, she didn't get Track 2 and she was hoping for the fast Track??.. My letter stated they will explain the Track decision June 23rd... My letter also stated that if not enough people accept the Track 2 they may not have it.. I sure hope they do!! What Track did you get into??
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    I'm in track 1, but I don't understand why! I'm taking the last science course now, come Fall I will have completed all general education and science courses (A&P I and II, Micro, Patho, Cell Bio). Come to think about, it may be because my Chemistry course didn't transfer over. I'm scheduled to take that and Stats in the Fall. I guess I should be happy with just being selected for the program .

    See everyone on June 23rd.
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    Hey Ladies, and Gentleman!

    I too was accepted into the BSN program starting this Fall.
    How do you guys all feel about the Orientation yesterday? I feel like they still aren't sure what is going on, and i still have a LOT of questions.
    Also...did anybody look at the two schedules that they gave us in the packet? They are pretty much identical....so from what i hear, they need to amend the Fast Track schedule before we get started. I also have heard that 6 people never sent in their $150 deposit, so we may have 6 more people joining us that weren't originally accepted.

    It's all pretty exciting, yet stressful, since i feel like we are all still a bit in the dark. :-/
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    Hi everyone! I have been keeping up with the Davenport threads and I am interested in Applying for Fall 2011. I was wondering what exactly are the requirements to get into this program? I am pretty sure at some point throughout the multiple threads I have asked this but can't seem to find it (its a lot to sift through!) If someone could answer that for me I would greatly appreciate it! Also gpa wise, what was the lowest gpa that got in? I have a pretty decent gpa but I am looking to increase it. Do they only look at certain classes or do they look at your overall gpa? Any info that you all could share would be great! Also, congrats again!!

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