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Any students from Southeastern Michigan? I see a huge California, New England, Tri-State, VA-MD, and Western Central US presence but rarely anyone from MI, so I was curious. Hello all! I hail... Read More

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    Quote from dturnin
    Hey OU's program so far seems great. No you don't have to do it again in the program. You have to take all your pre- reqs. Math and Pharm, Nutr., Growth and Developmnt., A&P. You can take all of them thir or everything except Pharm. you have to take at OU. Pharm is no joke. The director of the program teaches it. she is awesome, but you work in that class. When you finish you know your stuff. Where are you going.
    Im going to nexcare in westland. We had to do anp in order to get in the program. We start in less than 24 hours
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    cant sleep, this sucks... anyway good luck to everyone who start's today
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    I was in the Saturday class wasn't that final something? Do you think the rest of our classes will be that intense.
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    I believe that they will be more intense since they are 7 weeks each. I'm trying to get my books early to read the chapters that they gave at the kick start. I'm ready and up for the challenge.
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    Hey dturn and shudva I will be taking pharm starting in September can you guys give me some study tips for this class. I already ace my books. Thanks
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    I'm going to OU also.
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    Sirena922 study, study, study, read, read, and read again. This class is very intense. If you have any other classes to take and are working it may become very stressful. We had lost a lot of our class by the end. Some that stayed until the end unfortunately have to retake it. In order to be successful in this class you have to be able to have time to study. I went home after class and made flash cards from day 1 of class and I took them everywhere I went. If my daughters had somewehere to go, I was there with flashcards studying. I know flashcards don't work for everyone, but to me they were like gold. If you don't understand something make sure you email or call the teacher, she will help you to understand better. Start reading chapters 1, 2 and 3 and take note to the words in blue. I hope this helps and good luck!
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    Thanks Shudva,

    I will be taking all four classes now because I am getting layed off. I was suppose to be in the September 2012 cohort but due to work I could not start, so I'm striving for January. I had started the pharm class last year but didn't continue due to work, so I still have my syllabus. Not sure if she is using the same one.

    Can you tell me if she still has the class doing the drug cards on the big index cards?
    And how was the dosage calculations test, was it hard?
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    We did drug mapping instead of drug cards. I felt that the math proficiency test was rather easy. It will depend on your comfort level with math and the dosage calculations that she teaches. I passed on the first try. Don't worry too much and stress yourself out. You will have more time to study since your are not working. I thank God that I had no job, I had more time to study.
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    Ok so she changed it up. What is drug mapping? Also did you take the Anatomy class at OU?
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    Study study study, stay in the instructors office if you don't understand. Go to her review sessions if you don't understand. The drug maps summarize each med category sort of speak. Learn GI, Respiratory, and Insulin very big. Stay up on studying and don't fall behind. Hard to catch up. You can do it, but you are going to work for it. Good Luck See you in January,
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    @rvd4now i was going to attend that school but i decided to go to Breckenridge (ITT) and i think i made the right choice for me (single mom)
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    Hey Sirena922, I tried to respond to your pm, but I don't think it went through. I took my A & P at Macomb. When you check on Pace on OU's site it shows the name of the teacher.