Cheap place for a TB test?

  1. So I've got my titers, physical, and drug panel taken care but I still need a TB test. Where can I get one for cheap? I keep hearing about Oakwood having $10 tests but I don't exactly know where to go? Does anyone know? Thanks!
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  3. by   zhockeymom77
    I am in Macomb County and I was told the Health Dept. charges $8.
  4. by   Do-over
    The oakwood tb clinic is at Palmer and Merriman - I think it is the southeast corner - right in front of Walter Reuther hospital. Westland, I think.

    They charged me $10 last summer.
  5. by   criswithnoh
    I should have specified that I'm in Wayne County (Detroit). Thanks guys! I'll check out that Oakwood clinic
  6. by   bugsmom925
    chriswithnoh, where did you get all your titers, physical and drug screen done? Can we go now? Because at orientation yesterday they said they would be sending us a form for the doctor to fill out.
  7. by   criswithnoh
    I got my titers/physical/drug panel done at Western Wayne Family Health Center in Taylor. I don't have insurance and they're stuff is done on a sliding scale. All I had to pay was $20 but I do have to apply for medicaid or they'll charge me the full $150 fee. I would have gotten my TB test done there but they said it would cost $37.

    With your happy letter you do get a form for them to fill out with all the titers/physical/etc. so you have to wait to get it all done, but you have to get it all set within the 30 days you receive the letter.

    You said orientation...did you mean information meeting?
  8. by   bugsmom925
    yes...i meant information meeting
  9. by   LauJen
    Bugsmom925, Criswithnoh goes to WC3 - at orientation for MCC, they said we don't need to have most of our stuff done till 4-6 weeks before we start, we don't have to have it done within 30 days. Don't worry about it yet (although I think you're starting in August?) since we've got about 3 months - my idea is to wait for our classmates to get it done, talk about it on here, and see who gets it done the cheapest, and then go where they go!
  10. by   smp077
    I live in Southfield, Michigan . Oakland Co Health Dept
    27725 Greenfield Rd , Southfield , Mi . My TB test was free. Call and see if you have to live in Oakland County for the free test.
  11. by   caliotter3
    I just had one done at the nearest urgent care center and it only cost $25. I think the last time I remember having one done, they wanted $75.